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The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is a South Australian government initiative that requires energy retailers to help households and businesses save on energy use and costs, and lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

This is done by setting energy efficiency and audit targets for energy retailers to meet. Retailers with a large number of residential customers are set additional targets that ensure a certain amount of the energy savings activities they do are delivered to low-income households.

Customers can contact any of the REES obliged retailers or third-party contractors to find out what energy savings activities may be available for homes or businesses.

The REES is implemented through Part 4 of the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012 under the Electricity Act 1996 and Part 4 of the Gas Regulations 2012 under the Gas Act 1997 and is administered by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA).

Find out more about free or discounted energy efficiency activities South Australian household or businesses accessible under the REES.

Thresholds and targets

The REES consists of two three-year stages: 2015 to 2017 and 2018 to 2020. The Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy sets the annual REES targets at the beginning of each stage. As the REES administrator, ESCOSA then allocates the targets to each obliged energy retailer.

Key elements for REES operation for 2018 to 2020 were published in the 11 July 2017 Government Gazette, from page 2839 onward. These included the targets, obligation thresholds, and how targets were allocated for the period. Designated purchases for 2018 to 2020 are as published in the 11 December 2014 Government Gazette, on page 6648.

Annual energy efficiency targets (normalised gigajoules of energy)2,300,0002,300,0002,300,000
The amount of the total annual energy efficiency target to achieve by providing energy efficiency activities to priority group households (normalised gigajoules of energy)500,000500,000500,000
Annual energy audit target (number of audits)7,3677,3677,367

Energy audits and energy efficiency activities

The 29 August 2017 Government Gazette (pages 3723–3766) and 5 December 2017 Government Gazette (page 4807) included minimum specifications for 2018 to 2020 for:

  • energy audits that energy retailers can deliver to meet any energy audit targets
  • energy efficiency activities that energy retailers can deliver to meet their energy efficiency targets.

For competency requirements for people providing a REES energy audit, and for details about how to conduct an audit, download the energy audit specification:

Activity review and reporting – ministerial protocol

The REES Ministerial Protocol (PDF 320.4 KB) provides guidelines for:

  • how the Minister determines the range of approved energy efficiency activities
  • reporting requirements for ESCOSA in its role as scheme administrator.

Activity specifications

For more information that applies to all approved REES energy efficiency activities, download the general specifications (PDF 263.5 KB).

Note that a number of these specifications make reference to the government's Installation of ceiling insulation – consumer safety self-assessment and installer acknowledgement form (PDF 314.9 KB).


BS1A – Installation of Insulation in an Uninsulated Ceiling Space (PDF 723.9 KB) (Residential only) – effective from 1 May 2019

BS1B – Installation of Top Up Insulation in a Ceiling Space (PDF 726.3 KB) (Residential only) – effective from 1 May 2019

BS1C – Installation of Insulation to an External Wall (PDF 723.0 KB) (Residential only) – effective from 1 May 2019

BS1D – Installation of Insulation to Floors (PDF 717.8 KB) (Residential only) – effective from 1 May 2019

Building sealing

BS2 – Building Sealing Activities (Various) (PDF 141.8 KB) (Residential only)


BS3A – Replace an Inefficient Window with a Thermally Efficient Window (PDF 97.2 KB) (Residential only)

BS3B– Secondary Glazing Retrofit (PDF 97.8 KB) (Residential only)

Heating and cooling

HC1 – Install an Efficient New Flued Gas Space Heater (Non-Ducted) (PDF 100.2 KB) (Residential only)

HC2A – Install an Efficient New Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner (Non-Ducted) (PDF 147.4 KB) (Residential only)

HC2B – Install an Efficient New Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner (Ducted) (PDF 144.1 KB) (Residential only)

HC3A – Install Efficient New Ductwork (PDF 100.7 KB) (Residential only)

HC3B – Replace Ductwork with an Enhanced Ductwork System (PDF 101.4 KB) (Residential only)

Water heating

WH1 – Replace or Upgrade Water Heater (PDF 133.4 KB) (Residential only)

WH2 – Replace an Inefficient Showerhead with an Efficient Showerhead (PDF 93.8 KB) (Residential or commercial)


L1 - Install an LED General Purpose Lamp (PDF 172.7 KB) - (Residential only) - effective 1 January 2019

L2 – Install LED Down-light Lamp or LED Down-light Luminaire (PDF 132.3 KB) (Residential only)

L3 – Replace Halogen Floodlight Luminaire (PDF 142.9 KB) (Residential only)

L4 – Replace Linear Fluorescent Luminaire (PDF 143.8 KB) (Residential only)

CL1 – Commercial Lighting Upgrade (PDF 141.5 KB) (Commercial only)

Stand-by power

SPC1 – Install Stand-by Power Controllers - Audio Visual (AV) (PDF 92.3 KB) (Residential only)

SPC2 –Install Stand-by Power Controllers – Information Technology (IT) (PDF 92.8 KB) (Residential only)


APP1A – Purchase High Efficiency New Refrigerator or Refrigerator-Freezer (PDF 109.4 KB) (Residential or commercial)

APP1B – Purchase a High Efficiency New Freezer (PDF 88.9 KB) (Residential or commercial)

APP1D – Purchase a High Efficiency New Clothes Dryer (PDF 96.3 KB) (Residential or commercial)

APP1F – Purchase a High Efficiency New Television (PDF 126.0 KB) (Residential or commercial)

APP2 – Remove and Dispose of an Unwanted Refrigerator or Freezer (PDF 173.2 KB) (Residential or commercial)

APP3 – Installation of a High Efficiency Pool Pump (PDF 94.3 KB) (Residential only)

RDC1 – Install a Self-contained Refrigerated Display Cabinet (PDF 93.5 KB) (Commercial only)

Alternative method

FLEX1 – Aggregate Metered Baseline Method (AMB) (PDF 320.5 KB) (Residential or commercial)

In-home display

IHD1 – Install and Commission an In-home Display Unit (PDF 86.5 KB) (Residential only)

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