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The South Australian government is committed to the development of a globally significant minerals and energy sector.

The South Australian Government invests in innovative initiatives to bring significant economic benefits to the state, and recognises the contribution of mineral and energy resource companies, extractive industries and associated service sectors in providing social benefit to local and regional communities.

Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE)

The Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE), an innovative geoscientific initiative, has led to world class discoveries and identified South Australia as one of the most sought after resource investment destinations in the world.

The PACE Copper initiative was launched on November 30, a $20 million investment by the South Australian government to set the foundations for the next generation of mineral industry growth and job creation in the services, supplies and manufacturing sectors.

South Australia's Copper Strategy

Copper is a key metal for the future, offering major advantages for new and developing technologies - and South Australia has the resources and the expertise to meet the estimated demand.

The Government of South Australia is currently developing South Australia's copper strategy with the aim of South Australia becoming the leading contributor to Australia becoming the world's third largest copper producer.

A critical component of this strategy is the PACE Copper initiative - a comprehensive program of regional geoscience investigations and collaborative industry partnerships.

South Australia's Magnetite Strategy

More than 90% of South Australia's iron ore is magnetite located in several prospective areas of the state.

South Australia is developing a Magnetite Strategy to guide and support the development of the state's vast iron ore resources for economic growth and the creation of jobs within the supply chain.

Premier's Community Excellence Awards

Mineral and energy resources companies, extractive industries and associated services sectors are encouraged to apply for a Premier's Community Excellence Award in Mining and Energy. In 2017 awards were offered for:

  • Excellence in social inclusion
  • Excellence in supporting communities
  • Excellence in leadership - women in resources

Premier's Community Excellence Awards and application forms

Policy Renewal Initiative for Minerals and Energy (PRIME)

This program has been set up to improve minerals and energy regulatory efficiency by developing and renewing resource exploration and extraction policy documents to provide practical information to stakeholders.

More about the PRIME program