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Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 28(5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the Minister for Energy and Mining proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the undermentioned areas.

DateApplicant/sLocation Pastoral lease/sTerm Area in km2 Reference and map
26 September 2019Fe Mines LtdGoode Hill area - approx. 40 km SSE of OlaryDevonborough Downs, Lilydale, Mutooroo, OulninaTwo years2892019/00089 Plan and coordinates (PDF 242 KB)
26 September 2019Iluka Resources LimitedYellabinna area - approx. 100 km NW of CedulaChundariaTwo years2552019/00090 Plan and coordinates (PDF 303 KB)
26 September 2019Rex Minerals (SA) Pty LtdWeetulta area - approx. 110 km NW of Adelaide-Two years742019/00091 Plan and coordinates (PDF 327 KB)
26 September 2019Astra Resources Pty LtdCutana area - approx. 30 km NE of OlaryBindarrah, Boolcoomatta, Bulloo Creek, Mutooroo, TepcoTwo years1572019/00094 Plan and coordinates (PDF 262 KB)
26 September 2019Heathgate Resources Pty LtdParalana Creek area - approx. 110 km ENE of Leigh CreekArkaroola, WoolatanaTwo years1782019/00098 Plan and coordinates (PDF 203 KB)
19 September 2019Terramin Exploration Pty LtdLobethal area - approx. 20 km east of Adelaide-Two years2212019/00054 Plan and coordinates (PDF 656 KB)
19 September 2019Lincoln Minerals LimitedDutton River area - approx. 90 km NE of Port Lincoln-Two years822019/00078 Plan and coordinates (PDF 168 KB)
19 September 2019Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty LtdBimbowrie area - approx. 30 km north of OlaryBoolcoomatta, Mount Victor, Outalpa, PlumbagoOne year7312019/00087 Plan and coordinates (PDF 267 KB)
19 September 2019Lincoln Minerals LimitedWanilla area - approx. 25 km NNW of Port Lincoln-Two years1382019/00092 Plan and coordinates (PDF 241 KB)
19 September 2019Cerberus Resources Pty LtdArcoona area - approx. 150 km NW of Port AugustaArcoonaTwo years412019/00096 Plan and coordinates (PDF 234 KB)
19 September 2019Archer Energy & Resources Pty LtdWaddikee area - approx 150 km SW of Port AugustaSecret RocksTwo years6982019/00102 Plan and coordinates (PDF 728 KB)
19 September 2019FQM Exploration (Australia) Pty LtdFarina area - approx. 60 km NNW of Leigh CreekFarina, Mount Lyndhurst, Myrtle Springs, WitchelinaTwo years8522019/00105 Plan and coordinates (PDF 330 KB)
19 September 2019FQM Exploration (Australia) Pty LtdWitchelina area - approx. 80 km NW of Leigh CreekWitchelina Two years3982019/00106 Plan and coordinates (PDF 268 KB)
19 September 2019FQM Exploration (Australia) Pty LtdLyndhurst area - approx. 260 km NNW of Port AugustaFarina, Leigh Creek, Mount Lyndhurst, Mundowdna, Myrtle Springs, WItchelinaTwo years9422019/00107 Plan and coordinates (PDF 336 KB)
19 September 2019Minotaur Operations Pty LtdCommonwealth Hill area - approx. 80 km SSE of Coober PedyCommonwealth Hill, IngomarTwo years2532019/00112 Plan and coordinates (PDF 265 KB)
12 September 2019 Copper Search Australia Pty Ltd Anna Creek area - approx. 160 km NE of Coober Pedy Allandale, The Peake Two years 836 2019/00113 Plan and coordinates (PDF 277 KB)
5 September 2019 Yandan Gold Mines Pty Ltd Yalymboo area - approx. 130 km NW of Port Augusta Mahanewo, Yalymboo, Yudnapinna Two years 280 2019/00088 Plan and coordinates (PDF 294 KB)
22 August 2019 Exco Operations (SA) Pty Limited, Polymetals (White Dam) Pty Ltd Bulloo Creek area - approx. 25 km NE of Olary Bindarrah, Bulloo Creek Two years 96 2019/00086 Plan and coordinates (PDF 264 KB)
15 August 2019 Menninnie Metals Pty Ltd Mount Ive area - approx. 110 km NW of Kimba Kolendo, Mount Ive, Nonning, Yardea Two years 394 2019/00029 Plan and coordinates (PDF 255 KB)
15 August 2019 Menninnie Metals Pty Ltd Kolendo area - approx. 70 km NNW of Kimba Kolendo, Mount Ive, Nonning Two years 208 2019/00032 Plan and coordinates (PDF 269 KB)
15 August 2019 Menninnie Metals Pty Ltd Tanner area - approx. 120 km NNW of Kimba Yardea Two years 354 2019/00039 Plan and coordinates (PDF 232 KB)
15 August 2019 Resource Holdings Pty Ltd Mabel Creek area - approx. 105 km WNW of Coober Pedy Mabel Creek One year 60 2019/00057 Plan and coordinates (PDF 232 KB)
15 August 2019 Tasman Resources Ltd Andamooka North area - approx. 140 km NW of Leigh Creek Andamooka, Billa Kalina, Mulgaria, Roxby Downs, Stuart Creek Three years 1079 2019/00084 Plan and coordinates (PDF 363 KB)
15 August 2019 PNX Metals Limited Washpool area - approx. 140 km SE of Port Augusta - Two years 135 2019/00085 Plan and coordinates (PDF 305 KB