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Accelerated Discovery Initiative ¦ 2019 Copper to the World conference ¦ Geological Survey of South Australia Discovery Day 2019

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 28(5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the Minister for Energy and Mining proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the undermentioned areas.

Community information on mineral exploration licence processes and requirements under the Mining Act 1971

DateApplicant/sLocation Pastoral lease/sTerm Area in km2 Reference and map
15 August 2019Menninnie Metals Pty LtdMount Ive area - approx. 110 km NW of Kimba Kolendo, Mount Ive, Nonning, YardeaTwo years3942019/00029 Plan and coordinates (PDF 255 KB)
15 August 2019Menninnie Metals Pty LtdKolendo area - approx. 70 km NNW of KimbaKolendo, Mount Ive, Nonning Two years2082019/00032 Plan and coordinates (PDF 269 KB)
15 August 2019Menninnie Metals Pty LtdTanner area - approx. 120 km NNW of KimbaYardeaTwo years3542019/00039 Plan and coordinates (PDF 232 KB)
15 August 2019Resource Holdings Pty LtdMabel Creek area - approx. 105 km WNW of Coober PedyMabel CreekOne year602019/00057 Plan and coordinates (PDF 232 KB)
15 August 2019Tasman Resources LtdAndamooka North area - approx. 140 km NW of Leigh CreekAndamooka, Billa Kalina, Mulgaria, Roxby Downs, Stuart CreekThree years10792019/00084 Plan and coordinates (PDF 363 KB)
15 August 2019PNX Metals Limited Washpool area - approx. 140 km SE of Port Augusta-Two years1352019/00085 Plan and coordinates (PDF 305 KB)
1 August 2019Kalyan Resources Pty Ltd & Orogenic Exploration Pty LtdFlinders Island area - approx. 35 km WSW of Elliston-Three years162019/00044 Plan and coordinates (PDF 172 KB)
1 August 2019Musgrave Minerals LimitedCorunna Station area - approx. 70 km WSW of Pt AugustaCorunna, WartakaTwo years1912019/00079 Plan and coordinates (PDF 328 KB)
1 August 2019Havilah Resources LimitedCollins Dam area - approx. 50 km NE of OlaryBindarrah, MutoorooTwo years292019/00080 Plan and coordinates (PDF 230 KB)
1 August 2019Havilah Resources LimitedLake Frome area - approx. 170 km SE of Leigh CreekFrome Downs Two years1062019/00081 Plan and coordinates (PDF 262 KB)
1 August 2019BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdAndamooka Ranges area - approx. 110 km west of Leigh CreekAndamooka, BosworthTwo years6572019/00082 Plan and coordinates (PDF 353 KB)
25 July 2019Iluka Resources (Eucla Basin) Pty LtdCoorabie area - approx. 140 km WNW of Ceduna-Two years352019/00065 Plan and coordinates (PDF 260 KB)
25 July 2019Ausmin Development Pty LtdLipson Cove area - approx. 60 km NE of Port Lincoln-Two years3292019/00070 Plan and coordinates (PDF 215 KB)
25 July 2019Agricoola Mining Pty LtdLake Hawdon area - approx. 16 km east of Robe-Two years362019/00071 Plan and coordinates (PDF 268 KB)
25 July 2019Yandan Gold Mines Pty LtdLake MacFarlane area - approx.  130 km NW of Port AugustaMahanewo, Nonning, YalymbooTwo years7142019/00075 Plan and coordinates (PDF 228 KB)
25 July 2019Iron Road LimitedLock area - approx. 65 km SW of Kimba-Two years172019/00076 Plan and coordinates (PDF 242 KB)
25 July 2019Tigers Dominion Group Pty LtdCallanna area - approx. 40 km west of MarreeCallanna, WitchelinaTwo years1822019/00077 Plan and coordinates (PDF 253 KB)
25 July 2019Minotaur Operations Pty LtdTootla area - approx 50 km ESE of Streaky Bay-Two years6482019/00083 Plan and coordinates (PDF 600 KB)
18 July 2019Javelin Exploration Pty LtdCurdimurka area - approximately 95 km north of AndamookaStuart CreekOne year1252019/00058 Plan and coordinates (PDF 236 KB)
18 July 2019PNX Metals LimitedMinlaton area - approximately 100 km NW of Adelaide-Two years2582019/00062 Plan and coordinates (PDF 446 KB)
18 July 2019OZ Minerals Carrapateena Pty Ltd & OZM Carrapateena Pty LtdMid-Lake Torrens area - approximately 140 km north of Port AugustaBosworth, PernattyTwo years1142019/00064 Plan and coordinates (PDF 224 KB)
18 July 2019Havilah Resources LimitedLucky Hit Bore area - approximately 100 km NNW of OlaryBilleroo West, Frome Downs, Kalabity, MooleuloolooTwo years7062019/00066 Plan and coordinates (PDF 250 KB)
18 July 2019Havilah Resources LimitedCoombs Bore area - approximately 160 km NNW of OlaryFrome DownsTwo years6402019/00067 Plan and coordinates (PDF 258 KB)
18 July 2019Renascor Resources LimitedWitchelina area - approximately 70 km NW of LyndhurstCallanna, Marree, WitchelinaTwo years3162019/00068 Plan and coordinates (PDF 326 KB)
18 July 2019Petratherm LtdMount Willoughby area - approximately 50 km NW of Coober PedyMount Barry, Mount WilloughbyTwo years4562019/00069 Plan and coordinates (PDF 361 KB)
18 July 2019Petratherm LtdMount Barry area - approximately 50 km NE of Coober PedyAnna Creek, Mount Barry, NilpinnaTwo years9172019/00072 Plan and coordinates (PDF 380 KB)
18 July 2019Minotaur Operations Pty LtdCamel Lake area - approximately 70 km NE of Ooldea-Two years4812019/00073 Plan and coordinates (PDF 264 KB)
4 July 2019Rifle Resources Pty LtdAnna Creek area - approx. 50 km ENE of Coober PedyAnna CreekTwo years2012018/00186 Plan and coordinates (PDF 209 KB)
4 July 2019Lincoln Minerals LimitedUno area - approx. 100 km WSW of Pt AugustaSiam, UnoTwo years262019/00056 Plan and coordinates (PDF 304 KB)
27 June 2019Havilah Resources LimitedLake Yandra area - approx. 140 km north of OlaryFrome Downs, QuinyambieTwo years3292019/00050 Plan and coordinates (PDF 260 KB)
27 June 2019Havilah Resources LimitedTankarooloo area - approx. 120 km NNW of OlaryFrom DownsTwo years262019/00051 Plan and coordinates (PDF 198 KB)
27 June 2019Havilah Resources LimitedEuinilla area - approx. 100 km north of OlaryMulungarieTwo years702019/00052 Plan and coordinates (PDF 161 KB)
27 June 2019Gawler Resources Pty LtdKootaberra area - approx. 70 km NW of Pt AugustaKootaberraTwo years1692019/00055 Plan and coordinates (PDF 342 KB)
27 June 2019Rio Tinto Exploration Pty LimitedWitchelina area - approx. 40 km NW of LyndhurstWitchelinaTwo years1102019/00059 Plan and coordinates (PDF 243 KB)
27 June 2019Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Limited Witchelina area - approx. 50 km NW of LyndhurstWitchelinaTwo years572019/00060 Plan and coordinates (PDF 280 KB)
27 June 2019Rio Tinto Exploration Pty LimitedWitchelina area - approx. 60 km NW of LyndhurstWitchelinaTwo years452019/00061 Plan and coordinates (PDF 275 KB)
20 June 2019Central Iron Pty Ltd (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement)Hawks Nest area - approx. 120 km north of KingoonyaBulgunnia, Mc Douall Peak, Mount EbaTwo years3982019/00006 Plan and coordinates (PDF 210 KB)
20 June 2019 Alliance Craton Explorer Pty LtdUno area - approx. 105 km WSW of Port AugustaNonning, Siam, UnoTwo years662019/00045 Plan and coordinates (PDF 194 KB)
20 June 2019Straits Exploration (Australia) Pty Ltd & Kelaray Pty LtdLake Torrens area - approx. 180 km north of Port AugustaBosworthThree years2952019/00047 Plan and coordinates (PDF 210 KB)
20 June 2019FMG Resources Pty LtdFrome Downs area - approx. 200 km ENE of Leigh CreekFrome Downs, Moolawatana, QuinyambieTwo years9932019/00049 Plan and coordinates (PDF 210 KB)
20 June 2019FMG Resources Pty LtdWarriner Creek area - approx. Anna CreekTwo years1402019/00053 Plan and coordinates (PDF 210 KB)
13 June 2019FMG Resources Pty LtdMoolawatana area - approx. 170 km ENE of Leigh CreekFrome Downs, Moolawatana, MurnpeowieTwo years9102019/00048 Plan and coordinates (PDF 345 KB)
6 June 2019Daktyloi Metals Pty LtdMount Craig area - approx. 100 km NE of Port AugustaShaggy Ridge, WorumbaTwo years1372019/00007 Plan and coordinates (PDF 327 KB)
6 June 2019PNX Metals LimitedHansborough area - approx. 80 km NNE of Adelaide-Two years712019/00028 Plan and coordinates (PDF 182 KB)
6 June 2019FMG Resources Pty LtdPlayford South East area - approx. 80 km WNW of AndamookaBilla Kalina, ParakyliaTwo years4772019/00031 Plan and coordinates (PDF 163 KB)
6 June 2019Iluka (Eucla Basin) Pty LtdNundroo area - approx. 165 km WNW of Ceduna-Two years3072019/00033 Plan and coordinates (PDF 310 KB)
6 June 2019Trafford Resources Pty LtdMount Christie Siding area - approx. 135 km WNW of TarcoolaMobellaTwo years2962019/00034 Plan and coordinates (PDF 172 KB)
6 June 2019Marmota Limited Mulgathing area - approx. 70 km NW of TarcoolaBulgunnia, MulgathingTwo years1782019/00046 Plan and coordinates (PDF 193 KB)