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Accelerated Discovery Initiative ¦ ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge ¦ GSSA Discovery Day 2019

The strength of the mining industry is sustained through new discoveries. If you don’t have discoveries then you don’t have mines. Geoffrey Blainey, AC, August 2013

South Australia contains a part of the earth's crust that is extremely fertile for hosting mineral deposits across a wide range of mineral commodities.

The mineral exploration challenge has been to discover these mineral deposits which are typically buried beneath the earth's surface.

By openly providing world-class geoscience data and information about the geology of South Australia, the Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) provides the necessary framework and foundations for mineral exploration towards new discoveries.

South Australia's long history of Government geoscience data has been an important ingredient in mineral discovery, including the provision of:

  • Pre-competitive regional geophysical surveys for the discovery of Olympic Dam
  • GSSA inputs into the Jacinth-Ambrosia heavy mineral sand discovery
  • Collaborative PACE drilling for the discovery of the Carrapateena iron ore-copper-gold (IOCG) deposit.

The ongoing Government investment in providing unrivalled, pre-competitive geoscience data and information will build upon the mineral exploration and mining prospectus for the state into the future.

The South Australian Government’s PACE initiative (Plan for Accelerating Exploration) has facilitated recent geoscience data acquisition and collaborative research that adds further value to this data. This has assured that the GSSA has provided ongoing new releases of state-of-the-art geoscience data and information and the very best research collaborations.

Mineral exploration is also supported by the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library that presently holds over 7.5 million metres of drill core samples as well as analytical facilities including the HyLoggerTM, which uses hyperspectral data to show the mineralogical composition of drill core.

The Drill Core Reference Library provides easy access to drill cores generated from historical and recent exploration, helping exploration companies to better target potential discoveries.

The South Australian government has invested in the development of a new Drill Core Reference Library which will house the ore deposit reference collections, a Data Metallogenica room and a paleontology area to house the state's fossil collection. The new facility opened in February 2016.