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An idustry-government partnership to maintain safe and sustainable transport and reduced red tape along SA-Qld 'wharf to well' corridors to the Cooper-Eromanga basins.

Download the Working Group 4 Membership List  (PDF 348.7 KB)

A work program of 'high value' corridor and areas based exemptions and concessions, able to be implemented without increased risk to safety, will be developed, for consideration and endorsement by the South Australian, Queensland and Commonwealth Governments, and relevant national regulators.

This started with a process to identify and prioritise issues and opportunities in 2014. Cooperation continues with industry, government and regulatory stakeholders to understand the current regulatory framework and to identify opportunities to enable transport corridors without extraneous regulation.

In early 2015, a workshop(s) will focus on a 'rapid appraisal' of the feasibility of proposals and an agreed prioritised work program for key improvements.