Alex Blood

Executive Director, Mineral Resources

Photo: Alex Blood

Alex joined Mineral Resources in 2017, inheriting the Mining Law Review, our Copper to the World initiative and our ambitions for growing the magnetite sector.

Alex has begun the process of developing policies to build on our reputation for innovation epitomised by PACE, SARIG and the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library. Her key priorities include extending our Aboriginal engagement through Stronger Partners, Stronger Futures and leveraging the huge pipeline of pre-competitive data that has come from the PACE Copper surveys and drilling partnerships.

Alex’s professional experience spans roles at the state, national and international levels for a wide variety of mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and industrial projects across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Asia- Pacific and Africa. She is a member of the National Board for environmental professional certification. In 2012, Alex became the first woman named Environmental Practitioner of the Year by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.