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Around 1,000 customers and consumers are provided with more than 14 million kWh of electricity annually.

In the APY Lands, the Central Power House (located at Umuwa) is the primary electricity generation facility. It has a 33 kilovolt (kV) central distribution system that runs approximately 110 km west to Amata, 70 km north-east to Pukatja and Yunyarinyi and 170 km south-east to Kaltjiti (Fregon), Mimili and Iwantja (Indulkana).

In the APY Lands, electricity is supplied by the Central Power House to:

  • Amata
  • Iwantja (Indulkana)
  • Kaltjiti (Fregon)
  • Mimili
  • Pukatja (Ernabella)
  • Umuwa
  • homelands connected to the Central Power House grid, including Yunyarinyi and Watinuma.

Power stations are also located within the following communities:

  • Pipalyatjara, also servicing Kalka (APY Lands)
  • Murpatja, also servicing Kanpi and Nyapari (APY Lands)
  • Yalata (ALT)
  • Oak Valley (MT).

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Contact information

Cowell Electric Supply
General enquiries, fault and emergencies: 1800 805 020

RAES team
Phone: 08 8226 5500
Mailing address:
Department for Energy and Mining,
Energy and Technical Regulation – RAES
GPO Box 320
Adelaide SA 5001