The South Australian Government invests in innovative initiatives to bring significant economic benefits to the state, and recognises the contribution of mineral and energy resource companies, extractive industries and associated service sectors in providing social benefit to local and regional communities.

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Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining

Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining 2022The Premier’s Awards recognise excellence demonstrated by leading resources and energy sector companies and organisations to improve the economic, environmental, health and social wellbeing of South Australian communities. The Awards applaud companies and organisations that:

  • recognise South Australia as a place to successfully undertake innovative projects
  • demonstrate leadership in implementing leading practice
  • raise the bar for their competitors across the sector in their workplace practices and community engagement
  • implement projects that have measurable and valued impacts in the market place of ideas.

Nominations for the 2022 Awards are now open, closing on Friday 30 September 2022

More information and application available from the  Premier's Awards 2022 web page

Accelerated Discovery Initiative (ADI)

The Accelerated Discovery Initiative (ADI) provides co-funding opportunities to greenfields exploration activities to support new major minerals discoveries, drive further mine developments and stimulate growth, investment, exports, jobs and innovation in the South Australian mineral resources sector.

A total of $10 million over 3 years is available for approved co-funding exploration activities. The first funding year commenced in FY2019–2020.

  • Round 1 projects were announced on 23 June 2020
  • Round 2 projects were announced on 20 May 2021
  • Round 3 projects were announced on 15 June 2022

Final reports for completed projects to date are made available on the Accelerated Discovery Initiative page of the DEM website:

Copper to the World conference

Copper to the World

The Copper to the World conference held in Adelaide, South Australia, presents a forum where delegates can make business connections, share technical insights, learn new technologies and stretch their thinking on opportunities for innovation and business engagement.

Forward-looking thinkers and international leaders in copper markets, exploration, mining, services and technology present the major networking and knowledge-sharing event related to the copper sector. The conference provides delegates with information about the systems and practices that will drive innovation and growth in the sector for the next twenty years.

Read the post-conference report and watch videos of the presentations from the 2022 event on the DEM website:

Discover Gold

Discover gold program

Discover Gold is South Australia's program to improve exploration discovery rates for gold, with a view to increasing resource exports and growing future industries and jobs.

Discover Gold delivers stakeholder impact in three key areas:

  • Geoscience and exploration
  • Investment attraction and business development
  • Gold in our modern lives

Read more about the Discover Gold program

South Australia's Magnetite Strategy

Magnetite contained resource map

More than 90% of South Australia's iron ore is magnetite located in several prospective areas of the state.

South Australia is developing a Magnetite Strategy to guide and support the development of the state's vast iron ore resources for economic growth and the creation of jobs within the supply chain.

South Australia's Magnetite Strategy

Thinking Critical South Australia

Critical Thinking logo

A ground-breaking global online crowdsourcing challenge aimed at fostering the growth of a world-class, critical minerals sector in South Australia.

Thinking Critical South Australia

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