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South Australia is a global leader in the transformation economy.

We recognise the link between mining and renewable energy; a link that is critical to the world’s net zero emissions future. Our state is built on natural assets, a culture of innovation, a strong position in export income, global leadership in adopting renewable energy and creating a modern energy system.

In April 2022, it was announced by the Fraser Institute that South Australia ranked within the top 10 jurisdictions for world investment attractiveness – a ranking we are proud to hold, and one we want to work hard to maintain.

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Minerals and commodities

South Australia hosts 69% of Australia’s economic resources of copper (Geoscience Australia, 2021), with much yet to be developed.

With three major mines in South Australia, and a predicted doubling in demand for copper due to global technological advancements, South Australia is already a key player for copper, but is ready for more investment.

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The Geological Survey of South Australia is currently working with CSIRO on a project to develop sedimentary copper mineral systems of the Stuart Shelf. Find out more about this project.

Global critical mineral demand continues to grow, and South Australia is actively developing its capabilities and knowledge in this area.

South Australia an important producer of zircon, and has potential for nickel, graphite, rare earths and magnesite .

However, just being prospective for these minerals is only the beginning. South Australia is in the closing stages of its Thinking Critical South Australia challenge. A global competition designed to bring at least five new companies to South Australia to support the critical minerals supply chain. This is just one step in the planned development of the critical minerals ecosystem in South Australia.

The winners of this challenge will be announced on 8 July 2022 and you can sign up to watch the announcement live now (LINK).

As the world pushes towards lowering emissions, the world’s nuclear generating capacity will continue to step up. South Australia’s world class uranium deposits and future potential projects will continue to deliver the required fuel to aid the world’s transition to a low carbon economy and generate electricity with a low carbon footprint.

South Australia hosts 25% of the world’s known uranium, and has sat among the world top five uranium producers in the last decade.

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De-risking exploration

The South Australian government has long been a proponent of de-risking exploration within the state. We understand that supporting companies to be part of our exploration and mining ecosystem is of great benefit to both them, and our state, in the long term.

At present there are a number of projects that are being undertaken to de-risk South Australian exploration.

Gawler Phase 2 aims to de-risk exploration in South Australia’s prospective Gawler Craton region through the discovery, creation and implementation of data.

This project brings together geoscience and data science experts to give a more detailed picture of the region and develop new insights into potential mineral deposits.

The project is converting data trapped in handwritten documents and old spreadsheets into modern data science package as well as acquiring new data from geochemistry, geochronology, magnetotellurics and gravity surveys.

All of this data will then be made available in formats usable by machine learning and artificial intelligence packages.

This project will provide a richer understanding of the Gawler Craton region, as well as providing the opportunity for companies to gain their own insights.

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In partnership with MinEx CRC the National Drilling Initiative (NDI) has been using the innovative Coiled Tubing Rig to drill 20 holes through the Delamerian Orogen to expand understanding of the region's geology, architecture and to define the mineral systems in 3D.

The 20 drillholes have now been completed and detailed analysis is taking place. However, this project has also allowed for the development of the South Australian Drilling Atlas which gives near real-time insights into the drillholes collected.

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The South Australian Resource Information Gateway (SARIG) is the portal where you can access a diverse range of open geoscience data, information and products for the mining, petroleum and exploration community.

SARIG allows users to get key information, access industry indicator statistics, project information, native title and other information in South Australia.

In the most recent Fraser Institute report SARIG was ranked 8th in the world.

With an amazing breadth and depth of information on SARIG it truly is a one stop shop to access all the data an explorer or miner might need to define their next target.

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View a tutorial on how to use SARIG

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Towards a cleaner future with renewable hydrogen

South Australia’s mineral potential is positioned for the clean energy and technological future the world is moving towards.

We are leading the way through our commitment to achieving our energy needs from 100% net renewables by 2030 and our focus on renewable hydrogen.

South Australia has the wind, sun, land, infrastructure and skills to be a world class renewable hydrogen producer.

The state is investing more than half a billion dollars to accelerate new hydrogen projects, shipping infrastructure and modelling tools for investors and developers.

A specialist group is dedicated to establishing Hydrogen Power South Australia, a new government enterprise to construct, own and operate the hydrogen power plant.

From accelerating industrial-scale clean hydrogen project the plan will:

  • lower energy prices and power manufacturing capability
  • unlock a pipeline of renewable projects
  • expand mineral processing capabilities, support expansion of critical minerals and grow valuable supply chains.

Learn more about renewable hydrogen is South Australia

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