30 August 2022

A meeting between senior government agency representatives and the Port Augusta City Council tomorrow continues a month-long consultation process in the Upper Spencer Gulf to consider ways that decarbonisation and the emergence of green industries will create new employment and lifestyle opportunities for local communities.

The session is the second in a series with regional councils, including Whyalla last week and Port Pirie in September, aimed at ensuring elected members play a central role in planning for the region.

The South Australian Government’s Hydrogen Jobs plan is a key economic driver for the state to create jobs by encouraging investment in green hydrogen development and support and ensure the economic, environmental, and social future for South Australians.

The government will work side-by-side with industry and community as we work towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through this world first green hydrogen industry development.

Discussions will be based around:

  • creating new jobs through critical decarbonisation and reindustrialisation across the region
  • protecting the region’s marine and land biodiversity for industry and recreational users
  • ensuring communities are closely consulted and empowered to determine their future
  • developing the Spencer Gulf as a major renewable energy and hydrogen export hub.
  • attracting investment in clean energy projects to South Australia
  • maintaining national leadership in integrating renewable energy into the electricity network, currently sitting at 68%
  • securing hydrogen production at Port Bonython
  • establishing a major green ammonia and minerals hub at Port Pirie and Cape Hardy

Catalysing the industry supply chain and value add opportunities to service both South Australia and the east coast from South Australia by taking advantage of the state’s renewable, low cost, dispatchable energy.

South Australia’s surplus energy will be utilised for the creation of hydrogen at low cost, leading to reduced impost on energy storage of dispatchable power to be called on when energy production is low, and stored when there is surplus in the grid.

There is genuine opportunity to grow modern manufacturing and export opportunities for low carbon products and energy to Australian and international markets if the state moves fast and capitalises on its global reputation and flourishing renewable energy industry.

For more information on hydrogen in South Australia go to Hydrogen in South Australia | Energy & Mining (energymining.sa.gov.au) .