Geologic Repositories Rock Sample Digitization webinar series.

AuScope’s National Virtual Core Library and the South Australian node were showcased at the Alaska Geologic Materials Center webinar on 13 April 2022. The series aims to draw support from the geological community for the acquisition of technological capability and the opportunity to build modern regional integrated analytical rock sample datasets.

Georgina Gordon (Geological Survey of South Australia, GSSA) spoke about the applications and advantages of digitisation of core from a geological survey perspective. Dr Carsten Laukamp (head of the National Virtual Core Library) followed introducing the impact of the National Virtual Core Library from an Australian perspective.

The second quarter of 2022 has seen 60 virtual drill cores added to the GSSA’s digital datasets, totalling just over 11,500 m of new spectral information. Samples varied from rock samples and Data Metallogenica lithotheque plates, to drill cuttings and drill core from internal and external projects, including another 2,255 m from inside Olympic Dam (Fig 1).

Types of drill cuttings and core scanned.

Figure 1 Types of drill cuttings (a) and core (b) scanned, second quarter 2022.

To view and download the latest spectral geoscience data visit either:

– Georgina Gordon, July 2022

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