Applicant name: GDP Civil and Quarry Pty Ltd
What the application is for: Mining lease for extractives
Name of the project: Moloneys Quarry
Mineral claim number: MC 4543
Purpose: Limestone
Location: Burrungule area - approximately 17 km west-northwest of Mount Gambier
Area: Approximately 12.54 hectares
T-file reference 2022/000034
Document for public comment: The mining proposal submitted by GDP Civil and Quarry Pty Ltd can be viewed via:
Making a submission: The Minister invites members of the public to make written submissions in relation to this application for a mining lease.

Written submissions become a public record. The submission will be provided to the applicant and may be made available for public inspection.

If you make a written submission you will receive written notification on the final decision to grant or refuse the lease application and, if the lease has been granted, the terms and conditions of the lease.

Closing date for submissions:Submissions on this application have now closed
Contact for more information:  Mining Regulation Branch
Department for Energy and Mining