There have been concerns raised about the potential impact the proposed plans would have on the local environment and population.

These concerns have included but are not limited to:

  1. Potential noise impacts to adjoining residents
  2. Pollution of the adjoining creek
  3. Impacts of heavy vehicle traffic on Council’s roads
  4. Impacts on fauna and flora within the proposed expansion area
  5. Management of crystalline silica dust generated by quarry activity
  6. Meeting Environment Protection Authority (EPA) separation guidelines
  7. Impact on the Hills Face Zone
  8. Buffer or exclusion zones
  9. Aboriginal heritage

The Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) acknowledges the concerns and understands the community’s expectation that impacts to the local area will be minimised. DEM’s role as the regulator is to ensure the adherence by mining operators to the Mining Act 1971.

The Mining Act outlines how mining operations must operate and limit the impacts to the environment and requires all mining operations to perform environmental impact assessments (EIAs). EIAs must analyse potential impact from proposed mining operations, and set out strategies to manage those impacts by setting environmental objectives and measurement criteria. For private mines, the EIA is an essential part of the MOP review and needs to address the current requests for further information and alterations sought by the regulator.