Hanson must clarify the scope of their proposed operations, and provide risk analysis and evidence relevant to that scope. This involves analysing potential areas of impact including:

  • air quality
  • noise
  • blasting
  • public safety
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage
  • native vegetation and fauna
  • groundwater
  • surface water
  • hours of operation
  • visual amenity
  • traffic impacts at the mine access points
  • third party property.

Hanson’s proposed operations cannot be undertaken without approval. Hanson will need to address the government requirements and submit an amended MOP review for re-assessment to continue the application.

Hanson has six months to respond and once an amended MOP review has been received, government will then undertake a comprehensive assessment of Hanson’s submission ahead of a decision on whether the MOP requires further alteration or can be approved.

The Department for Energy and Mining will continue to update its White Rock webpage with information.