The Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) plays a crucial role in protecting the environment and local amenity of communities around operations. The function of DEM in the assessment process for mine operation plans (MOPs) is to ensure all relevant legislative requirements are met and unwanted impacts are limited as far as possible.

The requirement to protect community from potential impacts such as noise and dust is obligatory for all quarries and mines in South Australia, and no different for private mines. The standards applied to all mines and quarries are the same standards that are applied to all forms of development in South Australia. This reflects a state-wide focus on safe, fit-for-purpose management of potential impacts in each circumstance.  

The assessment of the updated mine operations plan for the White Rock Quarry is being conducted in accordance with the Mining Act 1971, and is considering potential impacts and proposed mitigations across elements including (but not limited to) air quality, noise, traffic, flora and fauna impacts, cultural impacts, visual amenity and rehabilitation plans, as well as the scope of the proposed operations described in the MOP document.

This assessment will inform a request for further information from Hanson, and ultimately inform a decision on the mine operations plan in the coming months.