Programs for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) and mine operation plans (MOP)

All mining operations are regulated through approved programs. Mining leases (MLs/EMLs) and miscellaneous purposes licences (MPLs) must be operated in accordance with an approved program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR), while operations on a private mine must be in accordance with an approved mine operations plan (MOP).

When a ML or MPL is granted the tenement holder must submit a PEPR within the required timeframe specified in the lease conditions. Operations cannot commence until an approved PEPR is in place.

MOPs must be prepared in accordance with the regulatory guideline MG12: Mine operations plans:

PEPRs must be prepared in accordance with the relevant terms of reference:

Further information on  PEPRs and MOPs can be found on the Regulatory guidelines page of this website.

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Approved programs

A list of PEPRs and MOPs approved in the last 12 months can be found in the table below.

Program type Approved program Tenement holder or Operator Tenement number Commodity or ResourceLocation Approval date and letter
PEPRHayes PitS. C. Heinrich & Co Pty LtdML 6538LimestoneBowillia area - approximately 21km southwest of Clare



Siviour Graphite Project

Ausmin Development Pty LtdML 6495GraphiteApproximately 12 km west of the coastal township of Arno Bay24/11/2022

Kalkaroo Copper Project

Kalkaroo Copper Pty LtdML 6498, ML 6499, ML 6500, MPL 158 & MPL 159


Approximately 122km northwest of Broken Hill.


Price Sand Quarry

Southern Quarries Pty. Ltd.EML 6035, EML 6519, PM 243 & PMA 243

Construction Materials; Sand

Approximately 136km north of Adelaide


Padthaway Limestone Quarry

Brooksby Civil Pty LtdEML 5829Limestone & GraniteApproximately 2km NW of Padthaway SA18/11/2022

Mindarie Mineral Sands Project - Mercunda Strandline

Murray Zircon Pty LtdML 6137

Zircon, Ilmenite, Rutile, Leucoxene and Monazite

Approximately 150 km east of Adelaide in the Murray Mallee Region


PEPRNyrang Sand PitMichael George Seelander

EML 6138


Approximately 3.5 km from Angaston

PEPRBlanchetown Gypsum MineAdelaide Brighton Cement LtdML 653, ML 657  etc  &
EML 6169, EML 6170  etc
Limestone, Industrial Minerals, GypsumApproximately 12km east of Blanchetown.


PEPRMindarie Mineral SandsMurray Zircon Pty LtdML 6137Heavy Mineral SandsApproximately 150 km east of Adelaide in the Murray Mallee Region 07/10/2022
PEPRHoneymoon Uranium MineBoss Uranium Pty LtdML 6109,  MPL 15, MPL 64UraniumApproximately 75 km north west of Broken Hill04/10/2022
PEPR/MOPTom’s Phosphate MineNewtech Minerals Pty LtdPM 315Phosphate

Approximately 7 kilometres east of Kapunda

PEPR McGillivray Sand Pit (PDF  33.7 MB) Stephen Zealand & W K Zealand & Co Pty Ltd EML 4832, EML 6139 Sand Approximately 19 km southeast of Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. 20/09/2022
PEPR Chapmans Rubble Swan Earthmovers Pty Ltd EML 6329 Calcrete, Limestone Approximately 4km south of Tailem Bend 16/09/2022
PEPR Kiroka Quarry  (PDF 2.57 MB) Robert Hagerstrom EML 6259 Sand, Limestone Kangaroo Island, 27km south-west of Penneshaw 12/09/2022
PEPR Tooperang Sand Pit Mark Steen Meyer EML 5331 Sand 12 km southeast of Mount Compass 02/09/2022
MOP Callington Quarry Southern Contracting Group Pty Ltd PM 238 Dolomite 2 km southwest of Callington 30/06/2022
PEPR Mountain of Light Copper Mine (PDF 84.5 MB) Leigh Creek Copper Mine Pty Ltd ML 5467 Copper 3 km southeast of the township of Copley 29/06/2022
PEPR Ceduna Quarry (PDF 1.2 MB) Triad Transport Pty Ltd EML 5630,  EML 6053 Limestone, calcrete Approximately 12 km southeast of Ceduna 13/04/2022
PEPR Bull's Comaum Sand Pit (PDF 3.8 MB) Bull Bros Pty Ltd EML 5110 Sand Approximately 22 km northeast of Penola 07/03/2022
PEPR Prominent Hill Mine (PDF 203.4 MB) OZ Minerals
Prominent Hill Operations Pty Ltd
ML 6228 and others Copper, gold, silver Approximately 115 km southeast of Coober Pedy 01/03/2022
PEPR Stewart Range Quarry (PDF 1.1 MB) Brooksby Civil Pty Ltd EML 6530 Limestone Stewart Range area, approximately 8 km northwest of Naracoorte 25/02/2022
PEPR Buzzard Iron Ore Project (PDF 13.0 MB) Central Iron Pty Ltd ML 6531 Iron ore McDouall Peak area, approximately 115 km south-southeast of Coober Pedy 18/02/2022

Note:  All MOPs received prior to the implementation of the new Mining Act and regulations effective 1 January 2021 are listed for reference only, the associated documentation is not publicly accessible. MOPs received after 1 January 2021 are listed above inclusive of documentation.

Previously approved PEPRs can be accessed via the following:

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Change to a mining operation

If a change to existing operations or circumstances is proposed within an existing mining tenement, the tenement holder must submit a change in operations application in accordance with:

A list of change in operation approvals approved in the last 12 months can be found in the table below.

Approved program Tenement holder or Operator Tenement number Requested changeLocation Approval date
Farrell Flat Quarry S.C. Heinrich & Co Pty. Ltd EML 6198 Change of lease condition Approximately 11 km east of Clare 9/09/2022
Kulpara QuarryKara Resources Pty LtdEML 6180, EML 6179, EML 6074Change to authorised operation

Proposed change public assessment report
Approximately 100 kilometres North-West of Adelaide11/7/2022
Bugle Hut Stoney Pinch Pty Ltd EML 6490 Change (addition) in the mineral to be recovered Pike River area, approximately 11 km south-southeast of Renmark 09/05/2022
Blanchetown Gypsum Mine Adelaide Brighton Cement Ltd ML 5961 Change to a lease term or condition Approximately 6.8km east of Blanchetown 25/01/2022

All associated documentation can be accessed via the South Australia Mining Register.

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