DEM administers policy, collection and reporting of all royalties sourced from South Australian producers for both mineral and petroleum resources.

In 2021–22 the royalty audit compliance program:

  • audited 98% of mineral royalty revenue
  • subjected 67 mineral producers to a comprehensive audit
  • recovered $311,000 in mining royalty revenue.

Reported mineral production 2021–22:

  • focused on large high-risk mineral producers involving more complex audits.
  • used drone surveys to better assess extractive mineral production volumes recovered through mining operations.

Royalty audits completed 2021-22

Figure 25: Royalty audits FY2017–18 to FY2021–22

DEM carried out 67 mining royalty audits in FY2021–22.

Mineral production contribution to mining royalties

Mineral production contributed $240 million to mining royalties in 2021–22.