In September 2019, the South Australian government worked with industry to launch South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan.

The Plan builds on the government's Hydrogen Roadmap for South Australia (PDF, 6.3 MB) released in 2017.

South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan has five objectives in scaling-up renewable hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption:

  1. Facilitate investments in hydrogen infrastructure
  2. Establish a world-class regulatory framework
  3. Deepen trade relationships and supply capabilities
  4. Foster innovation and workforce skills development
  5. Integrate hydrogen into our energy system

Download South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan:

Report: Hydrogen Research and Development in South Australia (November 2018)

The November 2018 Hydrogen Research and Development in South Australia report was commissioned by the South Australian Government to identify existing hydrogen research and development capability in South Australia and the opportunities to extend this capability given local, national and international expertise, current and future hydrogen projects and industry developments.

Publication: A Hydrogen Roadmap for South Australia (September 2017)

The September 2017 Hydrogen Roadmap for South Australia was led by the South Australian Government with input from local, national and global partners identifying local advantages in fast-tracking a renewable hydrogen economy in South Australia.

Report: South Australian Green Hydrogen Study (August 2017)

The August 2017 South Australian Green Hydrogen Study was commissioned by the South Australian Government to assess South Australia’s readiness to produce, use and export green hydrogen. It showed there is significant potential for a green hydrogen sector in South Australia with opportunities for local companies to contribute to the sector’s supply chain.