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A high-powered global conference on hydrogen safety will be held for the first time in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere this week when Adelaide hosts the 8th biennial International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS 2019).

The conference – being hosted by the South Australian Government in partnership with the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (HySafe) – has previously been held in Italy, Spain, France, USA, Belgium, Japan and Germany.

Speakers and delegates from 22 countries will be attending the 23–26 September ICHS 2019 event at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The first day plenary session is headlined by an address by Dr Alan Finkel AO, the Chief Scientist of Australia, and will be opened by SA Premier, The Hon Steven Marshall.

Other opening plenary session speakers from Europe, USA, Japan, Germany and the Hydrogen Council will provide an open platform for the presentation and discussion of new findings, information and data on hydrogen safety – from basic research to applied development and from good practice to standardisation and regulatory issues.

Dr Stuart Hawksworth, HySafe’s UK-based President, said today:  "Internationally, now is a critical time for hydrogen as its potential to decarbonise an expanding range of applications in transport, energy and industry is realised. This in turn has resulted in a clear shift in the size and range of projects planned and now underway."

"This conference - and the international community it represents – has an increasingly important role in developing and applying the evidence base required to ensure the continued reliable and safe development of hydrogen technologies around the world," he said.

Mr Nick Smith, Director, Energy Programs and Services, said that developing a renewable hydrogen industry around the world requires collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

“The HySafe conference is the leading global forum to present the latest learning's and research on hydrogen technologies which underpin the development of quality regulations, codes and standards.” Mr Smith said.

"The information being presented at ICHS2019 supports governments to develop a regulatory environment that builds trust and certainty for communities, industry and investors alike,” he said.

“This will support the faster adoption of new hydrogen technologies which have the potential to rapidly decarbonise the world and minimise climate change impacts."

Hydrogen is expected to play a greater role in the transition to clean, safe and sustainable energy systems for energy storage and transport regionally and globally.

The South Australian Government, industry leaders and research institutions recognise the emerging opportunity in the coming decade to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen economy and the importance of developing safe methods and appropriate regulatory frameworks to facilitate the transition.

The ICHS 2019 conference includes a wide range of hydrogen safety topics such as safety of large production and supply chain infrastructure, hydrogen and hydrogen carrier behaviours, physical effects, consequence and risk analysis, incidents, accidents and near misses, hydrogen effects on materials and components, safety of energy storage, power to gas/gas to power related safety issues, safety solutions for the implementation of hydrogen technologies, risk management, best practices, regulations, codes and standards as well as communication strategies

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Sunday 22 September 2019