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Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for Energy and Mining

The State Budget 2020-21 is building what matters by creating over 1,000 green jobs and accelerating the Marshall Government’s aspiration of net-100% renewable energy by 2030.

This Budget will leave a legacy for future generations by stepping up our nation-leading ambitions to deliver lower costs, more jobs, and lower emissions – whilst boosting energy security.

“This Budget uses the Government’s power procurement to secure the 280MW Cultana Solar Farm and the State’s 5th big battery, the 100MW Playford Utility Battery at Port Augusta, creating jobs at a critical time for the state,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The Electric Vehicle Action Plan will provide $18.3 million to leverage private investment to start delivering a $32 million state-wide electric vehicle fast charging network and smart vehicle charging trials so that electric vehicles become a common choice by 2030, reducing the cost of the power network for all households by hundreds of dollars each year.

“The Government will lead by example, transitioning the State Government’s fleet to electric vehicles, which run on clean power, within its existing budget. This will also make electric vehicles more readily available in the used vehicle market.

“The budget includes the largest current Government energy efficiency retrofit in Australia per capita, with $60 million spent on SA Government buildings delivering 300-400 jobs over 2 years to cut emissions whilst saving the taxpayer an estimated minimum of $7 million per annum once upgrades have been fully implemented.

“$8.5 million is allocated to roll out solar and battery in the APY lands, to reduce diesel use by 1 million litres a year and create job opportunities in remote indigenous communities.

“The budget also expands access to bill savings for low-income households, with a $5.2 million investment to offer solar systems to 1,000 concession holders, aiming to deliver bill savings that are double what they receive from their current concessions.

“The Government has brought forward $2 million to accelerate the development of H2U’s renewable hydrogen export project in the Upper Spencer Gulf, in light of the significant investment in the project by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

“The Home Battery Scheme will also be topped up by $18 million to $118 million to allow households to continue to invest in bigger batteries which deliver larger bill savings and grid benefits.”

The State Budget 2020-21 includes $13 million to support further early works if required to keep Project EnergyConnect on the fastest possible timeline to reduce power bills and increase energy security.

These are on top of the existing $50 million commitment to the grid scale storage fund, $30 million in demand management and supply integration, and support to roll out the Virtual Power Plant of solar and battery for 4,100 Housing Trust Households.

“The budget also boosts exploration investment in finding more mineral deposits to supporting the global energy transformation, including $5 million to aid discoveries in the most prospective copper province, the Gawler Craton, $1 million for critical minerals, and $1.8 million to establish an innovation Hub at Lot Fourteen,” said Minister van Holst Pellekaan.

“To help projects come to fruition, a $5.6 million program will establish infrastructure corridors and find new sources of ground water for key regions, and $1.2 million will improve land access arrangements to the benefit of indigenous communities and the sector.”

This is Government leadership to build what matters - creating over 1,000 jobs in renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy efficiency to cut emissions and bills, as well as unlocking future jobs and investment in the resources sector to sustain our recovery from COVID-19.

Download the news release as a PDF: Building what matters for a cleaner energy future

Tuesday 10 November 2020