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The Marshall Liberal Government has taken a significant step towards resilient and affordable power for South Australians, investing $11 million in a series of energy trials with the aim of reducing consumer costs.

The Demand Management Trials Program will allow businesses and other organisations to explore the untapped advantages of shifting demand and the use of resources such as batteries and solar.

The intent of supporting these trials is to demonstrate how new technologies play an important role in making the grid more efficient and rewarding consumers for managing their own demand.

While participating consumers stand to benefit financially from changing their energy consumption behaviour, the trials should also reveal how these behavioural changes can help reduce energy costs for other consumers.

Organisations can compete for funding through a merit-based application process, submitting project proposals that meet one of four outlined objectives:

  • Demand management incentives - trials of demand management incentives to unlock demand management potential that is not currently being utilised.
  • Demand management marketplace - trials of demand response and distributed energy resource service transactions between energy stakeholders.
  • Distributed energy resource incentives - trials of incentives for the customer or a third party to operate the customer's energy resources, demonstrating how incentives can address periods of peak generation from rooftop solar PV as well as the business case for aggregated and controlled distributed energy resources.
  • Network hosting capacity - trials of technology or services that improve the ability of networks to accommodate increased levels of distributed energy resources.

The program will deliver funding in the form of grants up to a maximum of $2.5 million, with applicants expected to at least match the amount of funding being sought.

For more information on the Demand Management Trials Program, visit South Australian Demand Management Trials Program or address queries to