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Important safety Message from the Office of the Technical Regulator Gas outage in Mt Gambier.

Gas supply to Mt Gambier has been cut due to a problem in the city gate main meter station. About 9,000 homes and businesses in Mt Gambier have been affected by the gas outage.

The South East Pipeline System Operator is working to fix the problem to restore gas as quickly as possible.

Consumer Safety

  1. Consumers can assist by ensuring the gas isolation valve at their gas meter is turned off to ensure their property is isolated from the distribution gas network in the street. The isolation valve prior to the meter will have a handle that must be a right angle to the pipe to be off.

    Safety message regarding gas outage in Mt Gambier
  2. Consumers should also ensure that all their gas appliances, controls or isolation gas valve are turned off to ensure air cannot get back into their installation.
  3. Consumers are advised not to connect LPG propane gas cylinders to their natural gas installations or appliances as a temporary measure.
  4. Propane gas is completely different to natural gas. Appliances must be converted by a licensed gas fitter so they can safely operate on alternate gases.
  5. Connecting natural gas appliances to LPG propane will result in abnormal and potentially dangerous operation and damage to the appliance. The flames will be large and uncontrollable and may result in incomplete combustion and the emission of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that will not sustain life.
  6. Consumers are advised not to bring outdoor gas appliances like BBQs or patio heaters indoors as they pose temperature and indoor air quality (carbon monoxide) hazards when operated indoors in poorly ventilated areas.
  7. Consumers are advised not to attempt to light their appliances when the gas comes on. Relight crews must first purge air out of the distribution gas network and then out of the consumer installations before relighting customer appliances to ensure all appliances operate safely. Customers may relight their appliances if the network operator advises them it is safe to do so.

Up to date information can also be found on Australian Gas Network’s Facebook page and via their media releases

More information can be found on the OTR website

If in doubt, contact either:

  • APA Group Natural Gas Emergency Hotline on 1800 898 220, or
  • the Office of the Technical Regulator on 1800 558 811.

Authorised by Rob Faunt, Technical Regulator under the Gas Act 1997