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Hon Steven Marshall MP, Premier

The Marshall Government’s $200 million Home Battery Scheme (HBS) has gone up another gear, with additional battery systems now eligible for the subsidy of up to $6000 per unit.

The priority period for companies that had committed to manufacturing or assembling batteries in South Australia during the first phase of the HBS has come to an end.

South Australians will now have access to home battery systems manufactured by enphase, Tesla and LGChem/Sungrow, with more systems expected to be approved in the coming weeks.

“They will join global leaders such as sonnen, Alpha-ESS and Eguana who qualified as priority providers,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“The priority period has brought investment, technology and expertise that will bolster the battery value chain in South Australia for years to come.

“The Home Battery Scheme is bringing cheaper power within reach of hundreds of thousands of South Australians who have solar panels on their homes.

“With a home battery system, households are able to take control of their energy – storing the electricity generated from their solar panels for use in the morning and at night, when electricity is at peak demand.

“The State Government subsidy is an excellent opportunity for people with solar panels or thinking of installing solar panels to access cheaper power through heavily subsidised home batteries.

“More than 4,000 South Australians have requested quotes for home battery systems since the scheme was launched nine weeks ago.

‘It’s fantastic to see such a rapid response to what is one of the key pillars in our strategy to deliver more affordable, reliable and secure energy to all South Australians.

“Within months, these households will be enjoying the benefit of their home battery system in reducing their power bills.

“The $200 million investment is a central plank of our plans to cut the price of electricity for all South Australian households and businesses.

“Not only will up to 40,000 households enjoy reduced electricity prices by purchasing a home battery system, but the installation of these systems will reduce demand on the network.”

For more information about the new battery systems and to obtain a quote from a qualified system provider visit