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Discover Gold is South Australia's program to improve exploration discovery rates for gold, with a view to increasing resource exports and growing future industries and jobs.

Discover Gold delivers stakeholder impact in three key areas:

Exploration and geoscience

The geoscience and exploration component will deliver exploration tools to open new gold search space and reduce discovery risks through collaboration with exploration companies, research partners, universities, industry leaders and other experts.


  • Workshops with gold experts - sharing insights to change the way we think about mineral systems
  • Mineral Systems mapping - to create exploration models for targeting
  • Predictive analysis models - increase success rate by reducing the risk
  • Time-Space diagrams - to understand contemporaneous deposits
  • Map data and spatial analytical tools - gold-themed maps to bring all relevant elements together for more powerful analysis
  • Data acquisition and data packages - we do the searching for you!
  • Conference exhibition and speaking opportunities to share knowledge and engage with investors

Investment attraction and business development

Discover Gold will provide golden opportunities to invest in mines and projects in South Australia through working with other government agencies, broker-analysts, Mining Equipment Technology Service and Supply businesses.


  • Mines and projects portfolio - highlighting the opportunities for investors and businesses
  • Gold Scorecard - impacts and benefits of South Australia's gold industry, understanding the size of the prize

Gold in our modern lives

Responsible sourcing for a sustainable future through conversations with the community, historians, scientists, futurists - discussing where we've been and where we can go with gold.


  • Community program in public spaces with the following themes:
  • What is the use of gold in our modern lives
  • Gold - it is elemental and a mineral
  • Their past, our future - people and places from our gold mining past and insights for the future

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