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GSSA MinExCRC NDI work program area The Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) is contributing to the MinEx Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) National Drilling Initiative (NDI), set up to address the threat of declining mineral discovery in Australia and realise the opportunity of novel drilling technologies.

The initiative entails each of the State Geological Surveys joining with MinEx partners to delivery drilling programs in selected case study areas that are under-explored, but considered prospective.

The NDI vision is to drill multiple holes in a region to map the regional geology and architecture and define the potential for mineral systems in 3D.

The GSSA's drilling program will focus on the Delamerian basement in the Murray Basin - the Delamerian Orogen - a zone of deformed rocks, encompassing the Mt Lofty and Flinders Ranges and the basement rocks to the east of this concealed beneath the younger Murray Basin.

Outcropping parts host known deposits such as Angus, Kanmantoo and Bird-in-Hand and, despite similar host rocks existing beneath the Murray Basin cover, no other economic deposits have been discovered.

The GSSA has partnered with university researchers to improve our understanding of the tectonic setting deformational history and mineral systems of this region, providing industry with new data and new constraints on the geological framework and mineral prospectivity in this greenfields region.

The area has been gazetted under section 15 of the Mining Act 1971 to enable the GSSA and its collaborative research partners to undertake a geological review, and also allow the Department for Energy and Mining to prevent speculative/opportunistic exploration licence (EL) applications lodged ahead of the future release of new geoscientific data for the area.

An interactive map of the area with tenement and mineral deposit information is available via the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)