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A series of three Leading Practice Mining Acts Review Discussion Papers were released on the respective Acts. Comments were invited via the yourSAy website or by written submissions.

Leading Practice Mining Acts Review Discussion paper 1: Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920 and RegulationsDiscussion Paper 1: Mines and Works Inspections Act 1920 and Regulations

The Mines and Works Inspections Act is now nearly 100 years old and its original intent was around the protection of property and amenity, the prevention of nuisance and the health and safety of mine workers and of the general public who may be affected by mining operations. However, the functions of this Act have now been largely replaced by more modern legislation offering far greater protections. Discussion Paper 1 discusses a number of options for review in this legislation.

Download a copy of the Discussion Paper:

Discussion Paper 2: Mining Act 1971 and Regulations

Download the Leading Practice Mining Acts review Discussion Paper 2 The Mining Act 1971 is the central piece of legislation that regulates exploration, mining and quarrying in South Australia. The Act has not been holistically reviewed since 1971. Since that time, rapid technological advances have meant that the industry practices have become far more modern, safe, sustainable and efficient - and community expectations around mining and quarrying (such as expectations around open community engagement) have vastly changed. The Discussion Paper initiates a discussion about the objectives and processes of the Mining Act and Regulations so that we can identify ways of updating and improving regulatory processes, without compromising on their effectiveness and efficiency.

Download a copy of the Discussion Paper:

Discussion Paper 3: Opal Mining Act 1995 and Regulations

Opal Mining Act review Opal mining is an important and unique South Australian industry. More than 95% of the world's opal now comes from Australia, and approximately 50% of that production comes from South Australian opal fields.

The Act and the Regulations came into operation on 21 April 1997. Prior to that, opal mining in South Australia was regulated under Part 7 of the Mining Act 1971. Only minor amendments have been made to the Act since it commenced.

Recent consultation with the Regulation Branch, Department of State Development and opal mining associations has identified that some further amendments to the Act would enhance transparency and increase regulatory efficiency. Any amendments identified throughout the Review should improve the Act's ability to balance the various competing interests and priorities around opal mining, and increase community confidence in both the industry and in the regulatory process.

Download a copy of the Discussion Paper: