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Showcasing geoscientific data and knowledge of the central Gawler Craton region

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The Central Gawler Craton Geoscience Workshop, held on 20 September 2019, was an open forum to discuss new geoscientific data, knowledge and future projects, with displays of regolith and surficial geological samples from the Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) collection.


Presentations are now available for download.



Rohan Cobcroft, GSSA Welcome - Central Gawler Craton Geoscience Workshop 2019 (PDF 1.46 MB)
Surface geology and geochemistry
Carmen Krapf, GSSA A review of cover geology in the central Gawler Craton region (PDF 1.23 MB)
Ignacio (Nacho) González-Álvarez, CSIRO Integrating landscapes with geochemistry in the central Gawler Craton region (PDF 3.98 MB)
Anna Petts, GSSA Surface geochemistry in the central Gawler Craton region: methods and applications (PDF 2.95 MB)
Geophysical data and geological mapping
Laz Katona, GSSA Gawler Craton airborne survey: wrapping up data acquisition, delivery of new products (PDF 2.91 MB)
Clive Foss, CSIRO Gawler Craton airborne survey: Area 9A value add (PDF 959 KB)
Mark Pawley, GSSA New structural interpretation of the central Gawler Craton region: insights from the GCAS 9A dataset (PDF 2.2 MB) 
Mitchell Bockman, University of Adelaide, MinEx CRC New insights into the igneous evolution and timing of mineralisation from geochronology in the Tarcoola Goldfields (PDF 3.0 MB)
Mineral systems
Ian Gregory, Western Areas Western Gawler Project - unlocking the economic potential of the Fowler Domain
Justin Gum, GSSA/Metalzoic To be or not to be: does the central Gawler Gold Province even exist? (PDF 1.6 MB) 
Ken Cross, Consultant geologist Are the Olympic IOCG and Central Gawler Gold provinces subsumed by a Hiltaba-GRV IOCG province? That is the question (PDF 7.6 MB)
Data and best practice exploration
Peter Buxton, GSSA
Liliana Stoian, GSSA
Rian Dutch, GSSA
Geoscientific data in South Australia: opportunities and challenges (PDF 1.23 MB)
Rob Shaw, Department for Energy and Mining The ERA process and tenement activity in the central Gawler Craton region (PDF 657 KB)

For more information, contact:

Anthony Reid
Senior Principal Geoscientist, Geological Survey of South Australia