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A practical two day workshop for mineral explorers

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2-3 December 2019
South Australia Drill Core Reference Library 

Complemented Geological Survey of South Australia Discovery Day 2019 on Thursday 28 November.

South Australia hosts some of the world’s most significant iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits. Since the discovery of Olympic Dam, IOCG deposits have been recognised elsewhere in the Gawler Craton and in a number of terranes world-wide.

The workshop, facilitated by the Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA), discussed current understanding of iron oxide-copper-gold mineral systems, and brought together local and international examples:

  • Alteration facies and their application to mapping the mineral system
  • Lithospheric to deposit scale footprints
  • Key deposit characteristics

It also included a drill core display covering the range of South Australia’s IOCG deposits, with a major showcase of drill core from Olympic Dam.

Download the workshop program

For further information contact
Adrian Fabris, Senior Geologist, Geological Survey of South Australia


Day 1
Tim Craske, GeoWisdom Better understanding IOCG mineralising systems through ‘Systems Thinking’ (PDF 4.6 MB)
Anthony Reid, GSSA Tectonic setting of the Gawler Craton iron oxide copper gold mineral systems (PDF 8.1 MB)
Claire Wade, GSSA The contribution of mafic and felsic magmatism to mineral deposits of South Australia (PDF 5.1 MB)
Stephan Thiel, GSSA The lithospheric-scale view of an IOCG system (PDF 9.1 MB)
Louise Corriveau, Geological Survey of Canada Alteration facies of IOA, IOCG and affiliated deposits: Understanding the similarities, recognising the diversity in these ore systems (PDF 12.9 MB)
Adrian Fabris, GSSA Alteration trends and geochemical characteristics of IOCG deposits in the Olympic Cu-Au Province (PDF 6.6 MB)
Kathy Ehrig and Jesse Clark, BHP Olympic Dam and regional prospects: controls and key aspects of the geology (PDF 8.1 MB)
Alan Mauger, GSSA Alteration at the Olympic Dam IOCG U deposit (PDF 2.7 MB)
Mitchell Neumann, OZ Minerals Geology and geophysics of the Carrapateena, Fremantle Doctor and Khamsin breccia complexes (PDF 3.6 MB)
Graham Teale, Teale and Associates The Hillside Cu-Au deposit: geological model and alteration paragenesis (PDF 9.6 MB)
Liam Courtney-Davies and Max Verdugo Ihl, University of Adelaide Nanoscale observations providing fundamental understanding of ore forming processes (PDF 22.2 MB)
Day 2 
Louise Corriveau, Geological Survey of Canada Mineral systems with IOA, IOCG and affiliated deposits in Canada (not yet available)
Zhao Yuhao, Geological Survey of China An overview on the characteristics and origin of iron-oxide copper gold (IOCG) deposits in China (PDF 1.2 MB)
Glen Little, Minotaur Exploration Cu-Au mineralisation of the Cloncurry district: recognising diversity within a mineralised province (PDF 4.3 MB)
Richard Lilly, University of Adelaide When does my IOCG become a skarn? (PDF 17.8 MB)

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