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South Australia is a pioneer of multiple land use and sequential land use outcomes across a variety of land uses, including our multiple use regional reserves and marine park systems and success in opening the Woomera Prohibited Area. For many of these differing land uses access to land is critical to South Australia's long-term sustainability and international competitiveness.

Multiple land use: Where land is used for different purposes simultaneously and sustainably. The objective is to retain options for current and future use to maximise the net benefits of all forms of land use for present and future generations.

Sequential land use: Where land is used for different purposes but not at the same time. It may include a return to a former use or the development of an alternative land use.

In order for us to properly balance those interests and build long-term wealth for the common good, the State Government has produced the inaugural South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework (the Framework), the first of its kind to be released by an Australian State or Territory.

The Framework encourages the consideration of multiple land use where appropriate, and it recognises the importance of land ownership and the need for timely engagement with landowners, communities and organisations. Collaboration and shared commitment are key to sustaining and diversifying rural and regional economies.

The Framework seeks to increase transparency and consistency in decision making to encourage consideration of multiple and sequential land use and enable more effective targeted engagement with communities on land use change.

The Framework can be used by anyone who is involved in multiple land use projects and assists regulators, decision makers and individuals by providing:

  • clear direction on the importance of considering multiple land uses at the early stage of a project
  • tools and general policy direction to assist regulators, decision makers and individuals to improve stakeholder engagement (see 'guiding principles' and 'key engagement mechanisms').

The following documents can be downloaded from the yourSAy website:

  • The South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework
  • Information booklet providing further information on how the South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework applies to stakeholder groups
  • Case studies describing where the principles of multiple and sequential land use are being successfully applied
  • Stakeholder recommendations report
  • What we heard
  • Submission Recommendations and Response to Comments and Response to South East Submission Records

For more information, contact:

Resource Policy and Engagement Branch

Phone: +61 8 8429 2534