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BasaltDark fine-grained volcanic rock
CalcreteSurface layer of rubbly or sheet limestone up to 2m thick, common throughout South Australia
ClayNatural plastic clay deposits deposited as sediment (minerals for refractory bricks, e.g. sillimanite or fire clay, industrial minerals) - Includes white and red plastic clay
DoleriteDark, medium-grained igneous rock
DolomiteSedimentary rock containing greater than 50% of the mineral dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate)
GabbroDark coarse-grained igneous rock; includes norite (Black Granite from Black Hill)
GneissBanded or foliated metamorphic rock, usually of the same composition as granite
GraniteCoarse-grained light-coloured igneous rock consisting chiefly of quartz, feldspar and mica
Gravel (natural)Creek or river gravel including buried deposits
IronstoneLateritic soils and ironstone cappings
Limestone Sedimentary rock containing greater than 50% of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) 
Marble Metamorphic rock formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite 
Pegmatite Coarse-grained light-coloured crystalline rock composed chiefly of minerals found in granite 
Quartzite Rock formed from the metamorphism of sandstone 
RhyoliteFine-grained volcanic rock similar to granite in composition 
SandMortar, plaster and bricklaying sand; concrete sand; general filling, garden sand, paving and landscaping sand, loam; specification filling sand for pipeline trenches etc; road and track construction sand 
Sandstone Sedimentary rock containing sand-sized particles mainly quartz 
Schist Medium-grained to coarse-grained metamorphic rock composed of laminated layers of micas
Shale Fine-grained sedimentary rock composed mainly of clay-sized particles that is easily split into thin layers 
Shale-coloured Red-firing or other darker coloured-firing weathered shale 
Shale-white White or cream, pale-firing weathered shale
Shell grit Sand made up on shell fragments 
Silttone Sedimentary rock composed mainly of silt-sized particle) that is not easily split into thin layers; they are intermediate between sandstones and shales 
Slate Fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers