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Resource Limestone 
Company Boral Resources (SA) Pty Ltd
Status Operating, open cut
Mining operation

Linwood Quarry produces limestone based products for the building and construction market in South Australia. Products from the quarry are used for asphalt, road-sealing aggregates, concrete aggregates, and road base materials.

Quarrying first began on this site in 1882 with Boral taking over the operation in 1994. Activities conducted on the site include, drilling and blasting, mining (loading and hauling), crushing and screening, and product sales.

Linwood Quarry has been identified as a strategic mineral resources area in South Australia. More information about strategic extractive quarries can be found in Identification of Strategic Mineral Resource Areas in South Australia (PDF 4.0 MB)

Location and areaLinwood Quarry is located between the suburbs of Hallett Cove, Marino and Seacliff Park, approximately 15 km southwest of Adelaide CBD covering an area of approximately 230 hectares.
Tenement information 

Linwood Quarry currently consists of extractive minerals leases (EML) 5730, 5731 and 5732; private mines (PM) 3, 4 and 22, and mineral claim (MC) 4439.

  • EML 5730 - Longfield Pty Ltd, area of 1.07 hectares, for the extraction of limestone
  • EML 5731 - Longfield Pty Ltd, area of 0.84 hectares, for the extraction of limestone
  • EML 5732 - Longfield Pty Ltd, area of 0.42 hectares, for the extraction of limestone
  • PM 3 - Boral Resources (SA) Ltd, area of 4 hectares, for the extraction of limestone
  • PM 4 - Boral Resources (SA) Ltd, area of 60 hectares, for the extraction of limestone
  • PM 22 - Longfield Pty Ltd, area of 163.5 hectares, for the extraction of limestone

Proposed eastern extension project

  • MC 4439 - Boral Resources (SA) Ltd, 37.38 hectares, for the proposed extraction of limestone
Proposed eastern extension project

On 6 December 2018, Boral made an application for an extractive minerals lease over mineral claim MC 4439 (37.38 hectares) pursuant to Section 35 of the Mining Act 1971. As part of the application, Boral submitted a mining proposal (MP) which describes the existing environment, mining operations proposed and provides an assessment of any potential impacts on the environment and/or local community.

Public submissions are invited on the mining proposal. More information about the extension project, the mining proposal document and the consultation and submission process is available from the Linwood Quarry Eastern Extension Project web page

Resource estimates and production estimates

Production statistics are available from Operating mines and quarries of South Australia (PDF)

Regulatory  approvals

Extractive industries, including the Linwood Quarry operation, are regulated under both the Mining Act 1971 (Mining Act) administered by the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM), and the Environment Protection Act 1993 (EP Act) administered by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

A Mine Operations Plan (MOP) for the Linwood Quarry was approved by DEM in October 2008. The MOP contains a description of the existing environment, description of mining operations, and a set of environmental objectives and measurement criteria which must be achieved for the site. The MOP is available from the Boral website

In December 2016, DEM endorsed a minor variation to the Linwood Quarry operations after a detailed risk assessment process was undertaken on a proposal to extend the southern face of the quarry approximately 25 metres to the south. The top two benches of the quarry have now been completed to the southern-most limits of this endorsement.

The EPA licenses activities of environmental significance and monitors water, air and noise pollution. Linwood Quarry's current operations, and proposed future operations (if approved), are subject to this requirement for EPA authorisation. For more information see the EPA website