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Premier's Awards in Energy and MiningRecognising excellence in developing and implementing an innovative solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Applicants may be considered in two categories, and will be asked to identify themselves as an:

  • energy sector operation; or a
  • sub-contractor relating to an energy sector operation.

Example of innovative programs or projects include, but are not limited to:

  • a product solution, design or engineering innovation
  • a training program
  • awareness-raising activity or other control measure that reduces the risk of work-related injury and disease.

Entries must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Relate to an energy sector operation, this includes sub-contractor companies
  • Relate to work health and safety management or research
  • Operate in South Australia
  • Meet the three weighted assessment criteria

It is important to demonstrate the application has met each of the three indicative weighted criteria. The weighting is indicated below and is also reflected in the maximum number of words permitted.

Criteria Guidance notes
Criteria 1:
Commitment to enduring work health and safety outcomes

Indicative weighting: 40%

Maximum 400 words

Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to work health and safety outcomes

  • Detail the WHS issue identified
  • Detail the risk management system or process used to identify the issue
  • Detail how the hierarchy of control was applied to develop the solution
  • Demonstrate the commitment to the outcomes of the project/program
  • Discuss specific resources (e.g. staff, systems) invested into the project/program
  • Discuss how the solution was developed in consultation with people in your workplace and, if appropriate, external organisations
Criteria 2:
Demonstrated innovation and leadership

Indicative weighting: 30%

Maximum 300 words

Demonstrate the application of innovative thinking to gain improved WHS outcomes

  • Detail how the project/program was innovative
  • Show how the project/program outcomes can be used in the future or raise the bar for WHS in the sector
Criteria 3:
Demonstrated work health and safety effectiveness

Indicative weighting: 30%

Maximum 300 words

Demonstrate the effectiveness/outcomes of the project/program

  • Detail if there is potential for the solution to have broader application
  • Detail how effective the solution has been to control the safety issue identified
  • Describe the results achieved by the project/program
  • Provide supporting data and evidence of the outcome of the project/program, including any specific outputs (e.g. new techniques or equipment that is developed)
  • Discuss how the solution has impacted the overall operation of your organisation