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Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining

Recognising the achievement of growth in export markets for technologies, products or services developed and/or produced in South Australia

Examples of products or services include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineering methods or technologies
  • Equipment or software
  • Data management systems
  • Revised business processes, including automation
  • Training programs
  • Scientific research
  • Energy efficiency
  • New export locations and /or markets

Entries must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • A company or organisation operating within the Australian Equipment, Technology and Services sector
  • Demonstrates successful establishment of a new export market
  • A significant proportion of the development of export market growth must have taken place in South Australia
  • Meet the three weighted assessment criteria

It is important to demonstrate the application has met each of the three indicative weighted criteria. The weighting is indicated below and is also reflected in the maximum number of words permitted.

Criteria Guidance notes
Criteria 1: 
Commitment to enduring work health and safety outcomes

Indicative weighting: 40%

Maximum 400 words

Demonstrate export market growth for technologies, products or services that have been developed and/or are produced in South Australia

  • Explain the key components of the activity, the process or means through which the export market was increased, including the key enablers that supported success such as access to capital
Criteria 2:
Demonstrated economic impact

Indicative weighting: 30%

Maximum 300 words

Demonstrate how the creation of export market growth will generate job creation and economic diversification benefits for South Australia and deliver tangible benefits for industry and end-users

  • Describe any potential leverage additional investment into South Australia or develop new collaborative international partnerships
Criteria 3:
Commitment to enduring outcomes

Indicative weighting: 30%

Maximum 300 words

Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the outcomes of the project/program

  • Discuss specific resources (e.g. staff, systems) invested into the project/program
  • Discuss outputs and/or programs that will ensure continued implementation and improvement (e.g. further financial commitments, improvements to workplace culture, training programs, internal policies and guidelines)