Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining 2022

Recognising company, organisation and individual achievements in the South Australian energy and mining sectors.

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Department for Environment and Water

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) manages, conserves, and sustains South Australia's environment, water and cultural resources. Its work is critical to our future social, environmental and economic prosperity.

Department for Environment and Water

Environment Protection Authority

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is South Australia's independent environment protection regulator responsible for the risk-based regulation of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.

Environment Protection Authority

SafeWork SA

SafeWork SA provides information, advice and support as well as compliance and enforcement activities to ensure safe, fair, productive working lives and high standards of public safety for all South Australians.

SafeWork SA

What last years award winners have to say

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks was thrilled to win the Premier’s Award for Innovation and Collaboration in Energy. We don’t set out to win awards, but it was great recognition of a hugely collaborative and innovative project that will benefit all South Australians. The enhanced voltage management initiative allows us to host even more solar rooftop on our network, but also provides a safeguard mechanism when needed to help manage stability of our state’s electricity network. We believe it is important that innovation and collaboration are recognised in energy as we believe they will be crucial to delivering a safe, reliable, secure and 100% green energy network for South Australians.

Please note: We are a regulated business with a captive market and our path of innovation is well set and well underway. Awards are useful to highlight you are being innovative but for us they are not going to change our core business of delivering green, reliable and safe energy.

Paul Roberts, Head of Corporate Affairs, SA Power Networks

Western Air

Western Air was the 2021 recipient of the Productivity Improvement commendation for the Booster Compressor Project in Mineral Exploration.

To recognise innovation in Energy and Mining in South Australia is paramount to the future growth of our industry. The awards showcase Western Air’s vision for the improvement of productivity in mineral exploration and delivered a platform for our business and projects to be seen. This evolved into the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses in Energy and Mining.

Listening to the stories on the night is inspiring and celebrate the economic and social contribution of our industry to this state.

Carly Ascott, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Western Air

2021 award winners and commendations

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