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Departmental publications

Professor Heli Wopfner

Biography - Prof. Dr. Helmut (Heli) Wopfner 

From Innamincka to Lake Eyre - Premier's trip, 1961
Wopfner, H. 2020

In search of new concepts
Wopfner, H. 2020

1959: Delhi-Frome-Santos, Innamincka 1 - the era of Cooper Basin exploration is kindled.
Wopfner, H. 2019

1957: Chevies or Cadillacs? The decisive year for oil search in South Australia.
Wopfner, H. 2018

Reg Sprigg's dude ranch at Cullyamurra Waterhole
Wopfner, H. 2018

Trials and tribulations — oil search as a family outing.
Wopfner, H. and Wopfner, I. 2017

Wilkatana Drilling
Wopfner, H. 2016

Where in darnation is Cordillo? Discovery of anticlines in the central Great Artesian Basin.
Wopfner, H. 2014

Gidgealpa 2: 50th anniversary of the first gas flow in the Cooper Basin.
Wopfner, H. 2013

A road across the desert
Wopfner, H. 2012

Inception of the Petroleum Section in the Department of Mines 50 years ago: the first 3 years.
Wopfner, H. 2011

Aerial mapping of Santos’s licence areas in South Australia and Queensland, 1957.
Wopfner, H. 2011

Premier Playford's trip across the Kallakoopah region of the Simpson Desert 50 years ago
Wopfner, H. 2010

Other articles

Centenary of Eyre Peninsula’s forgotten petroleum well
Poynton, D. 2014

External publications

Pipelining in South Australia – Where it all started: The Moomba-Adelaide Pipeline
The Australian Pipeliner. 2017

Quests, Questions In The Cooper Basin
Weidenbach, K. 2015

Reg Sprigg – Rock Star
Weidenbach, K. 2008

Above and Below - The South Australian Department of Mines and Energy, 1944 to 1994.
O'Neil, B.J., 1995.

State Library - aspects of petroleum exploration in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins of North East South Australia
Photographs provided by Dr T Mount. c. 1979

Company histories

Santos Ltd - Our story

Beach Energy Ltd - Our history

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