Information on power usage, how to save on energy bills and using power more efficiently in your home or business is available on the SA.GOV.AU website.

Using and saving energy

Learn about heating, cooling, lighting, and household appliances as well as calculating the energy running costs for your home and business.

Using and saving energy (SA.GOV.AU)

Energy efficient home design

Learn about best practice when designing new homes or buildings, or additions to current homes and buildings, to save and use energy more efficiently.

Energy efficient home design (SA.GOV.AU)

Energy advice and education

Learn about courses, training, and education programs, as well as information about getting in touch with government services in the energy sector.

Energy advice and education (SA.GOV.AU)

Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS)

Learn more about the REPS, which will support South Australia’s transition to a modern, flexible energy system and improve energy productivity for businesses and households, with a focus on low-income households.

Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme