March 2022

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Latest advances in South Australian geoscience and resource sector news


Central Gawler Craton study

Connecting the cover and the fabric of the basement in the central Gawler Craton, South Australia

New insights into the Willunga Embayment

Some revisions of the hydrostratigraphy and structural geology of the Willunga Embayment

Noarlunga and Willunga embayments

A stratigraphic revision of the Pleistocene succession in the Noarlunga and Willunga embayments, South Australia


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Video series launched

Exploration and mining in South Australia.

Hydrogen molecules

Facilitating hydrogen exploration

South Australia’s national lead.

Drillhole cuttings

Delamerian National Drilling Initiative

Drilling underway in the Quondong Vale region.

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New geochemistry data submitted

Part of the planned data acquisition for the central-western Gawler Craton.

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South Australian Discovery Mapping

A new initiative to remake South Australia’s geological map data.

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2021 commodity report

Discovering mineral exploration in South Australia.

Penrice Quarry

Supporting the extractives industry

Four regulatory guidelines and a policy released.

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Optical air quality monitors

Using calibration models to improve reliability.

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Our biostratigraphic resources

A rich paleontological collection and accompanying database.


Spectral geoscience

Raman up and running at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library.

Portion of exploration data releases map

Exploration data releases

36 new company releases.

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