South Australia possesses a wealth of minerals that are vested in the Crown.

The Department for Energy and Mining regulates and administers these minerals through the Mining Act. This includes the prospecting, exploration and mining of minerals, and can include the production and processing of those minerals into a commercially viable product.

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The department’s role is to responsibly unlock the value and opportunities offered by the state’s mineral resources in a way that:

  • minimises harm to the environment and the public
  • ensures all South Australians benefit from mineral extraction through royalties reinvested into state infrastructure, jobs, regional business growth and other mechanisms
  • supports consistent, secure outcomes for mining companies.

Mining and quarrying companies are expected to understand their role in:

  • minimising their environmental and community impact
  • mining in a safe and efficient manner
  • engaging with stakeholders
  • rehabilitating land progressively throughout operations and after completion.