A safe, reliable and cost effective electricity supply is available to homes and businesses in remote south Australian towns through the Remote Area Energy Supply (RAES) scheme. The scheme provides electricity to around 3,400 customers across 25 remote townships and Aboriginal Communities.

The South Australian government has contracted Cowell Electric Supply to provide the generation, distribution and retail services to the majority of the townships and Aboriginal Communities.

Electricity generation, distribution and retail services in Andamooka, Coober Pedy and Yunta are provided by independent owner/operators under a Deed of Grant arrangement.

Cowell Electric Supply and the three independent operators each hold generation, distribution and retail licenses issued by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA).

The South Australian government subsidises the cost of electricity for communities supplied under the RAES scheme. Tariffs are set based on the following principles:

  • domestic customer tariffs are based on the average domestic standing offers by electricity retailers supplying to the South Australian on-grid market
  • general supply customer tariffs are based on the average small business standing offers by electricity retailers supplying to the South Australian on-grid market
  • state and federal government customers pay the full cost of their electricity supply and consumption
  • From July 2022 tariffs will be phased in for residential customers in community housing in the APY Lands, Oak Valley and Yalata.

Similar to on-grid customers, charges may also apply for extra services, such as arranging a new connection or requesting final meter readings.

View the July 2022 updated tariff sheet RAES Tariffs incorporating Aboriginal Community - New to Payment Customer Tariff (PDF, 169.7 KB)

View the November 2021 Customer Advice RAES tariffs, charges and public lighting fees (PDF, 241.3 KB)

RAES customers may be eligible for an energy concession. Call the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758 or contact Cowell Electric Supply for more information.

Generation levy

New applications to connect to the RAES electrical infrastructure may attract a generation levy, depending on the connection capacity in kilovolt amp (kVA) being requested.

The generation levy reflects the cost of providing additional infrastructure to supply the electricity. The calculation is:

The customer charter (PDF, 249.9 KB) outlines what you can expect as a RAES customer. It is based on the RAES customer connection and supply contract (PDF, 518.0 KB) that has been approved by ESCOSA as a requirement of the retail licence conditions.

Complete the application for new connection/notice of alteration (PDF, 193.9 KB) if you are constructing a new building that requires electricity connection for the first time, or are installing additional electrical appliances or equipment with capacity of 2.5 kW or more and require additional electricity supply.

Complete the application for electricity supply form (PDF, 535.4 KB) if you are moving into a property that has an electricity connection and have not previously been a Cowell Electric Supply customer.

Additional forms and information are available on the Cowell Electric website

Cowell Electric Supply

Department for Energy and Mining

  • Phone: 8226 5500
  • Email: dem.raes@sa.gov.au
  • Mailing address:
    Department for Energy and Mining,
    Energy and Technical Regulation – RAES
    GPO Box 320
    Adelaide SA 5001

Andamooka Powerhouse (Independent Operator)

District Council of Coober Pedy (Independent Operator)

Yunta Power Supply (Independent Operator)