Exploration Programs for environment protection and rehabilitation (EPEPR)

All mining operations are regulated through approved programs. Exploration Licences (EL), Mineral Claims (MC) and Retention Leases (RL) must be operated in accordance with an approved program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR).

EPEPRs must be prepared in accordance with the relevant terms of reference:

Further information on PEPRs can be found on the Regulatory guidelines page of this website.

A list of exploration PEPRs approved in the last 12 months can be found in the table below.

Approved Program Tenement holder(s)Operator(s) Tenement number(s) Commodity or ResourceLocation Approval date
EPEPR2023-029Big Lake Uranium  Pty LtdAlligator Energy LtdEL 6367UraniumApproximately 60 km  southeast of Innamincka11 April 2024
EPEPR2024-001Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty Ltd Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty LtdELs 5834, 6440, 6373Copper, GoldApproximately 35 km north of Olary2 April 2024
EPEPR2023-044 reviewPerilya Freehold Mining Pty Ltd and Australian Coloured Oxides Pty LtdPerilya Freehold Mining Pty Ltd and Australian Coloured Oxides Pty LtdEL 6284ZincApproximately 10 km south of Leigh Creek28 March 2024
EPEPR2024-003Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty LtdSinosteel Uranium SA Pty LtdEL 6373Copper, GoldApproximately 50 km north of Olary21 March 2024
EPEPR2024-004FMG Resources Pty LtdFMG Resources Pty LtdEL 6418Copper, GoldApproximately 20 km north of Cowell22 March 2024
EPEPR2024-005Yandan Gold Mines Pty LtdYandan Gold Mines Pty LtdELs  6302, 6507, 6686Copper, GoldApproximately 100 km north of Port Augusta21 March 2024
EPEPR2020-016 reviewPeninsula Resources Pty LtdLady Alice Mines Pty Ltd ELs 5953, 6001, 6131, 3617, 6489GoldApproximately 150 km east of Streak y Bay31 January 2024
EPEPR2021-043 reviewPepinNini Kaolin Pty Ltd Power Metals LimitedEL 6681Kaolin, HalloysiteApproximately 20 km east-northeast of Streaky Bay21/12/2023
EPEPR2021-039 reviewPepinNini Kaolin Pty LtdPower Metals LimitedELs 6677, 6689Copper, GoldApproximately 25 km NW of Cummins21/12/2023
EPEPR2023-046Menninnie Metals Pty Ltd Menninnie Metals Pty Ltd ELs 5925, 5949Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver, ZincApproximately 50 km north of Kimba21/12/2023
EPEPR2023-045BHP Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdBHP Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdEL 6177CopperApproximately 120 km west-southwest of Marree21/12/2023
EPEPR2023-049ChemX Materials LimitedPirie Resources Pty LtdEL 6634GraphiteApproximately 20 km south-southwest of Kimba19/12/2023
EPEPR2023-048ChemX Materials LimitedChemX Materials LimitedELs 5920, 6634CopperApproximately 20 km south-southwest of Kimba19/12/2023
EPEPR2023-040SA Exploration Pty LtdSA Exploration Pty LtdEL 6647Copper, GoldApproximately 100 km southwest of Whyalla8/12/2023
EPEPR2023-039AusPEM Pty LtdAusPEM Pty LtdEL 6795Rare EarthsApproximately 50 km east of Tailem Bend08/12/2023
EPEPR2023-008 reviewS Uranium Pty LtdAlligator Energy LtdELs 5926, 6350UraniumApproximately 20 km south of Whyalla08/12/2023
EPEPR2017-1332 reviewBoss Uranium Pty LtdBoss Uranium Pty Ltd
FQM Exploration (Australia) Pty Ltd
ELs 6081, 6510UraniumApproximately 75 km northwest of Broken Hill8/12/2023
EPEPR2014-056 reviewIluka (Eucla Basin) Pty Ltd
Iluka Resources Limited
Iluka Resources LimitedELs 5878, 5879, 5947, 6159, 6251, 6369, 6376, 6492, 6542, 6543, 6544, 6545, 6893, 6984, 6922Copper, Gold, Heavy Mineral Sands, Nickel, Palladium, PlatinumApproximately 190 km northwest of Ceduna07/12/2023
EPEPR2023-010 reviewRDBD Developments Pty LtdRDBD Developments Pty LtdEL 6509Rare EarthsApproximately 10 km east of Naracoorte07/12/2023
EPEPR2019-052 reviewIGO Forrestania Limited IGO Forrestania Limited ELs 5939, 6087, 6248, 6249, 6484Copper, GoldApproximately 70 km east-northeast of Nullabor07/12/2023
EPEPR2023-042Black Lake Pty Ltd Norfolk Metals  Pty LtdELs 6552, 6814UraniumApproximately 10 km east of Orroroo17/11/2023
EPEPR2023-041Olympio Metals (SA) Pty LtdOlympio Metals (SA) Pty Ltd EL 6912Rare EarthsApproximately 12 km north of Orroroo02/11/2023
EPEPR2023-028 reviewOlympio Metals (SA) Pty Ltd Olympio Metals (SA) Pty LtdEL 6912Rare EarthsApproximately 10 km northwest of Orroroo02/11/2023
EPEPR2023-036FMG Resources Pty LtdFMG Resources Pty LtdELs 6060, 6110Copper, GoldApproximately 100 km northwest of Roxby Downs01/11/2023
EPEPR2023-035FMG Resources Pty LtdFMG Resources Pty LtdEL 6044Copper, GoldApproximately 27 km northwest of Port Augusta 01/11/2023
EPEPR2023-037FMG Resources Pty LtdFMG Resources Pty LtdEL 6650Copper, GoldApproximately 35 km north of Port Augusta31/10/2023
EPEPR2023-031Petratherm LimitedPetratherm LimitedELs 6333, 6405, 6919Copper, GoldApproximately 50 km northeast of Coober Pedy31/10/2023
EPEPR2023-012BHP Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd
Red Tiger Rsources Limited
BHP Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdEL 6316Copper, GoldApproximately 30 km northeast of Woomera20/10/2023
EPEPR2023-033Kali Gold Pty Ltd Kali Gold Pty LtdEL 6856Rare EarthsApproximately 100 km east of Tailem Bend4/10/2023
EPEPR2023-025 reviewTaiton Resources LimitedTaiton Resources LimitedELs 6658, 6706MolybdenumApproximately 35 km north of Kingoonya4/10/2023
EPEPR2023-032Tigers Dominion Group Pty LtdTigers Dominion Group Pty Ltd ELs 6341, 6864Base MetalsApproximately 30 km east of Coober Pedy27/09/2023
EPEPR2022-036 reviewMarmota Limited
Marmosa Pty Ltd
Marmota LimitedELs 6166, 6463, 6513Gold, Rare EarthsApproximately 100 km West of Coober Pedy27/09/2023
EPEPR2022-026 reviewLymex Tenements Pty LtdLymex Tenements Pty LtdEL 6558GraphiteApproximately 60 km east-southeast of Elliston25/09/2023
EPEPR2022-023 reviewDig Ore Pty LtdViridis Mining and Minerals LtdEL 6733KaolinApproximately 65 km east of Streaky Bay19/09/2023
EPEPR2020-038 reviewTerramin Exploration Pty LtdEnvironmental Copper Recovery Pty LtdEL 6198Copper, GoldApproximately 65 km northeast of Adelaide8/09/2023
EPEPR2023-003 reviewCopper Search Australia Pty LtdCopper Search Australia Pty LtdELs 6181, 6195, 6238, 6314, 6315Base Metals, Precious Metals Approximately 200 km east of Coober Pedy6/09/2023
EPEPR2023-022 reviewLeigh Creek Copper Resources Pty Ltd
R&J Industry Energy Pty Ltd
FQM Exploration (Australia) Pty LtdELs 5899, 6577Gold, Rare EarthsApproximately 50 km northeast of Leigh Creek31/08/2023
EPEPR2022-011 reviewQuasar Resources Pty LdHeathgate Resources Pty LtdELs 5916, 6033, 6244Uranium, Copper, Kaolin, Rare EarthsApproximately 160 km east of Marree15/08/2023
EPEPR2023-004Rio Tinto Exploration Pty LimitedRio Tinto Exploration Pty LimitedELs 6438, 6439Copper, Iron Oxide, Gold, Nickel, Rare EarthsApproximately 80 km southwest of Coober Pedy11/08/2023
EPEPR2022-024 reviewMarmota LimitedMarmota LimitedELs 6040, 6083, 6084, 6097, 6216, 6456Gold, Rare EarthsApproximately 100 km southwest of Coober Pedy07/08/2023
EPEPR2022-033S Uranium Pty LtdAlligator Energy Ltd EL 5926UraniumApproximately 80km southwest of Port Augusta29/06/2023
EPEPR2023-026Maosen Australia Pty LtdMaosen Australia Pty LtdEL 6205Iron OreApproximately 50 km north-northeast of Tarcoola29/06/2023
EPEPR2023-018Kimba Minerals Pty Ltd Osmond Resources Limited ELs 6603, 6604Copper, Gold, Nickel Approximately 130 km northwest of Ceduna29/06/2023
EPEPR2022-021Southern Rare Earths Pty Ltd Southern Rare Earths Pty Ltd EL 6717Rare EarthsApproximately 10 km northwest of Naracoorte16/06/2023
EPEPR2023-019Leigh Creek Copper Resources Pty Ltd FQM Exploration (Australia) Pty LtdEL 5899Copper, Base Metals, Precious MetalsApproximately 50 km northeast of Leigh Creek14/06/2023
EPEPR2022-029Havilah Resources LimitedBenagerie Gold & Copper Pty Ltd
Havilah Resources Limited
ELs 5873, 6415, 6659, 6660Copper, Iron Oxide, GoldApproximately 100 km northeast of Olary31/05/2023
EPEPR2021-035Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd ELs 6275, 6337UraniumApproximately 90 km northeast of Leigh Creek29/05/2023
EPEPR2022-049Boss Uranium Pty Ltd Boss Uranium Pty LtdELs 6511, 6512, 6020, RLs 83, 84, 85UraniumApproximately 100 km northwest of Broken Hill25/05/2023
EPEPR2023-021Petratherm LimitedPetratherm LimitedEL 6633Copper, Gold, NickelApproximately 80 km south-southwest of Coober Pedy22/05/2023
EPEPR2023-014Marmota Limited
Half Moon Pty Ltd
Marmota Limited
Half Moon Pty Ltd
ELs 5818, 6004, 6098, 6457, 6519, 6501 Gold, Uranium, Iron, Base MetalsApproximately 100 km southwest of Coober Pedy18/05/2023
EPEPR2023-023Lodestone Mines Limited Toll Resources Management Pty LtdELs 6115, 6670MagnetiteApproximately 20 km southeast of Olary10/05/2023
EPEPR2023-034Osmond Resources Limited
Fowler Resources Pty Ltd
Fowler Resources Pty Ltd EL 6417Copper, Iridium, Nickel, Palladium, PlatinumApproximately 30 km northeast of Penong04/05/2023
EPEPR2022-053FMG Resources Pty Ltd FMG Resources Pty LtdELs 6418, 6419Copper, Gold, Rare Earths, UraniumApproximately 70 km southwest of Whyalla04/05/2023
EPEPR2023-013Aus Diamond Mining Group Pty LtdAus Diamond Mining Group Pty Ltd
Olympio Metals (SA) Pty Ltd
EL 6374Copper, Diamonds, GoldApproximately 70 km east of Port Augusta27/04/2023
EPEPR2023-009Hillgrove Resources LimitedHillgrove Resources Limited EL 6526Copper, GoldApproximately 55 km southeast of Adelaide26/04/2023
EPEPR2022-015Alliance (Eyre) Pty LtdAlliance (Eyre) Pty LtdEL 6188GoldApproximately 60 km north-northeast of Kimba26/04/2023
EPEPR2022-018RDBD Developments Pty LtdRDBD Developments Pty LtdEL 6509Rare Earth ElementsApproximately 20 km southeast of Naracoorte21/04/2023
EPEPR2023-011RDBD Developments Pty LtdRDBD Developments Pty LtdELs 6509, 6613Rare Earth ElementsApproximately 18 km north-northeast of Naracoorte21/04/2023
EPEPR2021-037Quasar Resources Pty LtdQuasar Resources Pty LtdEL 5916Copper, Gold, Rare Earths, UraniumApproximately 120 km northeast of Leigh Creek13/04/2023

Previously approved EPEPRs can be accessed via the South Australia Mining Register