NeuRizer in-situ gasification

NeuRizer plans to produce energy from coal using a process known as underground coal gasification (UCG), also known as In-situ Gasification (ISG). The UCG process converts coal from its solid state into a gaseous form, resulting in the generation of synthesis gas (syngas) containing methane, hydrogen and other components. The syngas is proposed to be used to either produce electricity directly or further refined into a variety of products such as ammonia.

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SAPEX fracture stimulation activities in the Arckaringa Basin

SAPEX are proposing to undertake fracture stimulation operations on petroleum wells in the Arckaringa Basin of South Australia.

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Cooper Basin Carbon Storage

The proposed project will initially capture CO2 emissions from the Moomba Gas Plant where there is existing equipment to separate CO2 from sales gas. The captured CO2 will be dehydrated, compressed, and then transmitted via pipelines to suitable locations, where it will be injected into target geological formations deep underground.

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Natural hydrogen exploration

Currently, two companies propose to explore, appraise and develop natural hydrogen within PELs within South Australia, with numerous others currently holding Petroleum Exploration Licence Applications, following historical petroleum exploration drilling that detected high levels of hydrogen.

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