The Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) values diversity in all its forms, with respect underpinning its core values and behaviours.

DEM's commitment to diversity and inclusion is demonstrated through:

  • development and implementation of diversity and inclusion plans
  • establishment of a Diversity and Culture Committee
  • establishment of a Reconciliation Working Group
  • involvement in public sector-wide working groups and initiatives
  • White Ribbon accreditation.

The Department for Energy and Mining is committed to supporting accessibility and social inclusion. As articulated in our Vision for Disability Access and Inclusion, diversity is woven into our values and we acknowledge that disability is another aspect of this. It is only by building on inclusive culture that celebrates and thrives on the sum of our individual differences that we will fulfil our common purpose of delivering the best outcomes for all South Australians.

This Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) sets out the actions the department will commit to over the next four years to uphold the rights of people living with disability. The DAIP contains an action plan that will enhance access to our programs and services, facilities, community engagements and employment opportunities.

Read the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

DEM's priorities and plans for gender equality are outlined in DEM's Gender Equality and Respect Action Plan (GERP).

Key priority areas

  • Commitment: We are committed to preventing violence against women and we have structures, strategies and policies that explicitly promote gender equality.
  • Conditions: We embed gender equality in our recruitment, remuneration, and promotion processes, and men and women utilise flexible work options without penalty.
  • Culture: All staff feel safe and confident in the workplace, and we actively challenge stereotypes, roles and norms. Staff can raise concerns about gender inequality and potential discrimination without adverse consequences.
  • Support: We have the structures, practices and culture to respond appropriately to staff and stakeholders affected by violence, bullying and sexual harassment.
  • Our business: The work we do and the way we promote it aligns with our commitment to gender equality and the prevention of violence against women.

Gender Equality and Respect Action Plan (PDF, 5.1 MB)

Gender and sexual orientation can be expressed in different ways, such as behaviour or physical appearance.

DEM aims to be an inclusive workplace where there is equality no matter a person's gender or sexual orientation, or what a person identifies as.

DEM offers LGBTIQ+ awareness training to all staff.

The three key priorities of DEM's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) are:

  • Relationships: Engaging with and building relationships with Aboriginal people will strengthen our capacity to work collaboratively towards improved outcomes.
  • Respect: Recognising the contribution of Aboriginal people to Australia will enable DEM to achieve more culturally inclusive outcomes and actively cultivate behaviours that enhance our workplace and guide the development and delivery of services.
  • Opportunities: Creating opportunities for Aboriginal people and increasing Aboriginal economic particpation and equity.

Read DEM's Reconciliation Action Plan

DEM has a very culturally and linguistically diverse workforce - as at June 2020 comprised of:

  • 18 different nationalities
  • born in 30 difference countries
  • 17 different languages spoken.

DEM supports its culturally and linguistically diverse employees through increasing awareness and online training to all employees.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and supported in the workplace.

DEM is committed to ensuring that this is the experience of our employees.

DEM has a zero tolerance policy against violence in the workplace and are committed to creating an organisational culture of gender equality and respectful relationships between employees.

DEM is committed to ensuring that all employees are equipped to recognise and respond to their own or colleagues’ experiences of violence and know how to access support.

Accreditation status

DEM successfully gained accreditation as a White Ribbon workplace in 2016. We continue to demonstrate strong leadership, communication, policy development and training, to create a safer and more respectful workplace.

DEM was reaccredited as a White Ribbon workplace in March 2021.

For more information

Visit the White Ribbon Australia website.