Whilst mining is important for the economic development of South Australia, it is also important that the potential benefits and impacts on the environment and on the broader community are identified and considered.

The South Australian Government's Mineral Resources Division has adopted recognised national regulatory principles and approaches including engagement and accountability. Public consultation underpins these principles and approaches.

For individual mining proposals it is recognised that:

  • It is essential to engage with people and communities who are directly affected by or have an interest in the proposal.
  • Communities have a wealth of knowledge about their local environment that may not be available to the proponent or the Mineral Resources Division through formal records.
  • Benefits for both the local community and the proponent may be identified through two-way flow of information between the community and proponents.

The Department for Energy and Mining seeks comment on applications, which may include applications for the grant of a mining lease, retention lease or miscellaneous purposes licence. It could also include an application for a change in operations, where there is a significant change to the environmental impacts of the operation.

This is an opportunity for the community to understand the proposal and scope of the operation, and to make comment on the proposal.

As well as the notice on this website, public notices for applications are posted in the Government Gazette and in an appropriate newspaper, or newspapers. The lease or licence application will also be provided to the local council and the landowner of the site.

Current (open) opportunities

Public comment is invited on submitted documents which describe the type of operation proposed and the measures to be undertaken to rehabilitate the land.

ProjectCompanyLocationPurpose Closing date
There are currently no mineral tenement applications open for public comment.

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Proposals under assessment

Bremer Quarry (MC 4500)Pocock Quarries Pty LtdHartley area, approximately 11 km east-northeast of StrathalbynLimestone
Rosedale Quarry (MC 4496) Buttrose Earthmovers Lyndoch area, approximately 7 km east-northeast of Gawler Construction materials - dolomite, limestone, sand, slate
Linwood Quarry (MC 4439) Boral Resources (SA) Ltd Approximately 15 kilometres southwest of Adelaide CBD in Hallett Cove Limestone
Sellicks Hill Quarry (MC 4414) Southern Quarries Pty Ltd Sellicks Hill area, approximately 3 km south of Aldinga Beach Limestone and shale
Victor Harbor MPL Management Plan Holcim (Aust) Pty Ltd Section 656, Hundred of Encounter Bay Ancillary operations of the Victor Harbor quarry

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Recently decided proposals

Mineral tenements granted

Terms and conditions imposed on the tenement holder are outlined in the tenement document.

Tenement documents granted prior to those listed below can be downloaded free of charge from the Tenement Register at tenementregister.sarig.sa.gov.au

Tenement holderLocation Tenement class* and number Lease or licence start date Term of lease or licence Area
Commodity or purpose
Wiltunga Nominees Pty Ltd Bute area, approximately 19 km west-southwest of Snowtown ML 6535 (PDF, 394.7 KB) 25/05/2022 10 years and 201 days 3.7 Primary authorised mineral: Extractive minerals (commodity dolomite - road base); Other authorised mineral: Extractive mineral (commodity sand - garden/filling)
Gambier Civil Pty Ltd Compton area, approximately 7 km west-southwest of Mount GambierML 6534
(PDF, 363.6 KB)
7/04/202221 years4.08Primary authorised mineral: Extractive minerals (commodity limestone); Other authorised mineral: Industrial mineral (commodity agricultural lime)
Gary Radford and Sons Pty Ltd Coles area, approximately 37 km south-southwest of Naracoorte ML 6533 (PDF, 459.9 KB) 21/01/2022 25 years 54.1 Primary authorised mineral: Extractive minerals (Commodities: sandstone); Other authorised mineral(s) Extractive minerals: (Commodities: clay and sand)
Andromeda Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd and Great Southern Kaolin Pty Ltd Chandada area, approximately 50 km east of Streaky Bay ML 6532 (PDF, 511.7 KB) 17/12/2021 35 years 318.66 Industrial minerals (Commodity: Kaolin)
Andromeda Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd and Great Southern Kaolin Pty Ltd Chandada area, approximately 50 km east of Streaky Bay MPL 163 (PDF, 503.3 KB) 17/12/2021 35 years 77.72 Ancillary operations - construction of a water pipe
Andromeda Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd and Great Southern Kaolin Pty Ltd Chandada area, approximately 50 km east of Streaky Bay MPL 164 (PDF, 467.4 KB) 17/12/2021 35 years 12.69 Ancillary operations - construction of an access road
Central Iron Pty Ltd McDouall Peak area, approximately 115 Km south-southeast of Coober Pedy ML 6531 (PDF, 373.4 KB) 19/11/2021 Fourteen (14) years 1617.99 Primary authorised mineral: Industrial mineral (Commodity: Iron - hematite); Other authorised minerals - Extractive minerals
Brooksby Civil Pty Ltd Stewart Range area, approximately 8 km northwest of Naracoorte ML 6530 (PDF, 645.6 KB) 16/09/2021 21 years 82.91 Extractive mineral - commodity: limestone
Ariverun Pty Limited Approximately 5 km west-northwest of Renmark ML 6529 (PDF, 453.8 KB) 29/06/2021 21 years 44.38 Extractive mineral - Commodity: sand
Gambier Earth Movers Pty Ltd Mil-Lel area, approximately 10 km east-northeast of Mount Gambier ML 6528 (PDF, 472.8 KB) 03/06/2021 21 years 15.61 Primary authorised mineral: Extractive minerals - limestone
GW Piggott and WT Piggott Miltalie area, approximately 12 km northwest of Cowell ML 6526 (PDF, 415.1 KB) 01/06/2021 20 years 4.7 Extractive mineral - limestone (primary authorised mineral); Extractive mineral - quartzite (other authorised mineral)
Avenglen Pty Ltd Kadina area, approximately 11 km east of Wallaroo ML 6527 (PDF, 422.5 KB) 01/06/2021 21 years 19.03 Extractive minerals (limestone)
Boral Resources (SA) Limited Hallett Cover area approximately 15 km southwest of Adelaide Central Business District ML 6525 (PDF, 717.1 KB) 14/05/2021 21 years 37.38 Limestone (extractive mineral)
Alvanos Earthmoving Pty Ltd Renmark West area, approximately 6 km west-northwest of Renmark ML 6524 (PDF, 619.9 KB) 10/05/2021 21 years 5.57 Extractive minerals (sand)
Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd Back Valley area, adjacent to Victor Harbor MPL 162 (PDF, 560.5 KB) 15/04/2021 8 years and 129 days 10.48 Ancillary operations to PM 197 and EML 4859
Sibelco Australia Limited Wye area, approximately 2 km southwest of Donovans ML 6523 (PDF, 724.1 KB) 13/04/2021 21 years 36.92 Industrial mineral - dolomite (primary authorised mineral); Industrial mineral - limestone (other authorised mineral)
Clay & Mineral Sales Pty Ltd Monarto South area, approximately 15 km west-southwest of Murray Bridge EML 6522 (PDF, 412.4 KB) 11/03/2021 21 years 163.14 ha Sand and limestone
Kara Resources Pty Ltd Nain area, approximately 3 km west-northwest of Greenock EML 6521 (PDF, 980.5 KB) 23/12/2020 21 years 55.65 Dolomite, limestone
G L Hausler Pty Ltd Morgan area, approximately 30 km west-northwest of Waikerie EML 6520 (PDF, 419.7 KB) 09/12/2020 21 years 63.96 Limestone (construction material)
Direct-Screens Holdings Pty Ltd Downingville area, approx. 10 km southwest of Port Clinton EML 6519 (PDF, 909.7 KB) 03/12/2020 21 years 189.74 Construction material - sand
Kara Resources Pty Ltd Truro area, approximately 16 km northeast of Angaston EML 6518 (PDF, 911.3 KB) 10/11/2020 13 years and 69 days 75.32 Quartzite, siltstone, sandstone
Southern Contracting Group Pty Ltd Sherlock area, approximately 25 km east-southeast of Tailem Bend EML 6516 (PDF, 863.6 KB) 16/10/2020 21 years 24.64 Extractive minerals (limestone and calcrete)
OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd Cooyerdoo area, approximately 15 km south of Iron Knob ML 6517 (PDF, 993.5 KB) 16/10/2020 7 years 1901.79 Metallic minerals - iron ore
Sibelco Australia Limited Mount Compass area, approximately 8 km south-southeast of Willunga RL 136 (PDF, 815.4 KB) 11/08/2020 5 years 125.80 Industrial minerals - silica sand
Sibelco Australia Limited Mount Compass area, approximately 8 km south-southeast of Willunga RL 135 (PDF, 828.7 KB) 11/08/2020 5 years 158.70 Industrial minerals - silica sand
BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Pty Ltd Roxby Downs area, approximately 9 km south-southwest of Olympic Dam Village EML 6515 (PDF, 886.9 KB) 11/08/2020 7 years and 275 days 11.92 Construction materials (limestone)
Iluka (Eucla Basin) Pty Ltd Yellabinna area, approximately 200 km northwest of Ceduna MPL 161 (PDF, 827.8 KB) 11/08/2020 8 years and 327 days 4.19 Canberra Road haul upgrade
Buckland Dry Creek Pty Ltd Dry Creek Saltfield, Dry Creek area, approximately 6 km southwest of Salisbury ML 6514 (PDF, 982.4 KB) 23/07/2020 19 years and 25 days 17.59 Salt (industrial mineral)
Jose Alpoim Meneses Paim de Bruges Taylorville area, approximately 4 km north of Waikerie ML 6513 (PDF, 932.9 KB) 22/07/2020 18 years 30.37 Limestone (dimension stone)

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Mineral tenements refused

ApplicantLocation Tenement class* and number Lease refusal date Area (Ha)Commodities
Triad Transport Pty Ltd Section 93, Wallaroo Area, Hundred of Wallaroo EML Application over MC 4426 10 September 2019 44.89 Limestone and sand

*Tenement class

  EML: Extractive minerals lease (prior to the introduction of the Mining Regulations 2020)
  ML: Mineral lease
  RL: Retention lease
  MPL: Miscellaneous purposes licence

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