Cowell Electric Supply

  • Email:
  • Account Customer General Enquiries: 1800 805 020
  • Community Prepayment Customer Enquiries: 1800 485 788
  • Fault and Emergencies: 1800 805 020

Cowell Electric

Cowell Electric is the electricity retailer and distributer contracted by RAES to deliver safe, reliable electricity supply.

The Electricity Retail Complaints Handling procedure sets out the principles that Cowell Electric has adopted for the management of written feedback, suggestions, or complaints.

Any complaints regarding the generation or retail services of Cowell Electric should be directed to Cowell Electric in the first instance. Alternatively, the following avenues can be explored if the matter has not been able to be resolved through Cowell Electric.

The South Australian Energy and Water Ombudsman

If the complaint is unable to be resolved by Cowell Electric directly the Energy and Water Ombudsman can be contacted on:

Other contact details are also provided below: