This information is published in accordance with Section 9(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act). The FOI Act provides members of the public a legally enforceable right to access documents (subject to restrictions) held by the South Australian Government.

The FOI Act allows members of the public to:

  • request access to documents held by the department or the Minister
  • request the amendment of documents that contain personal information about the applicant which is incomplete, incorrect, out-of-date or misleading.

The department fully supports the objectives and spirit of the FOI Act and aims to continually improve records management practices.

The FOI Act encourages disclosure of information to the public, subject to such restrictions within the FOI Act as are necessary to protect legitimate agency, public and private interests.

Information about accessing records through FOI is provided by State Records.

Freedom of lnformation applications

Application forms to request information under the FOI Act, or to request amendment of personal records, can be obtained by:

An application for access lodged under the FOI Act costs $39.00, payable to the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM), and additional processing charges may also be incurred.

An FOI Fact Sheet can also be accessed through the State Records website, which also details your rights to review and appeal if you are dissatisfied with a determination made by DEM.

Point of contact

All Freedom of Information enquiries and requests should be addressed to:

The Freedom of lnformation Officer
Department for Energy and Mining
GPO Box 320

Phone:  (08) 8463 3000

Office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

DEM structure and functions

DEM brings together the resources and energy related functions of the South Australian Government.

DEM's operations are under the responsibility of the Minister for Energy and Mining. View the Department for Energy and Mining website for an overview of the structure, roles and functions.

How DEM functions affect members of the public

The department exists to deliver affordable, reliable and secure energy supplies in a transitioning national energy market, and to responsibly unlock the value and opportunities offered by South Australia's mineral and energy resources to benefit the community of South Australia.

The department’s functions affect members of the public in the following areas by:

  • Supporting the government’s growth agenda to create jobs and attract investment by partnering with industry to responsibly increase South Australian exports by growing mineral, energy and renewable resources production.
  • Administrating effective, efficient and transparent regulation of the mineral resources, energy resources, energy market sectors and the electrical, plumbing and gas-fitting professions.
  • Providing government with advice on energy market reform and innovation to integrate energy and climate policy within national frameworks.
  • Enabling access to lower energy costs for businesses and households by facilitating a clean, secure, reliable, safe and more competitive energy network.
  • Growing future industries and jobs by fostering the expansion of value chain industries and professions that support the mineral, energy and renewable resources sectors.

How members of the public may participate in policy and delivery functions

Collaboration and engagement with local and national governments, industry and the community are vital in delivering the department’s key priorities.

The department engages and consults on significant legislative reform, policy development and regulation reviews through various ways including discussion papers, calls for submissions on various topics and public meetings across the state.

Up to date details on public consultation can be accessed via the department’s website.

Documents held by DEM

Documents held by DEM fall broadly into the categories listed below. The listing of these categories does not necessarily mean all documents are accessible in full or in part under the FOI Act.

The categories include:

  • Corporate files containing correspondence, memoranda and minutes on all aspects of the department’s operations
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines prescribing the way various activities and programs are to be performed
  • Personnel files relating to the department’s employees
  • Accounting and financial reports relating to the running of the department
  • Departmental annual reports, strategic plans and policy reports
  • Minutes of meetings and terms of reference
  • Documents relating to the functions of the department’s divisions

Documents available from DEM

The following types of documents are published on the department’s website and/or are publicly available free of charge: brochures, forms, discussion papers, strategic plans, fact sheets, media releases, annual reports, booklets, guidelines, frameworks and reports.

It may be useful to contact DEM to find out if you can access information you want without making an FOI application

Making an application for access to/or amendment of documents

Any person is able to exercise their right to access information held by the Department for Energy and Mining under the FOI Act by requesting documents.

Go to Freedom of Information for information about how to apply to access DEM documents or to request amendment to personal records under the FOI Act.