Well data

The Department receives and archives comprehensive data and reports for every petroleum, mineral and geothermal well drilled in South Australia. Well data is available via PEPS South Australia and SARIG.

Geophysical data

Government of South Australia collates and publishes geophysical data from exploration company and government surveys for the state. Recent company data releases are announced regularly in the MESA Journal.

The Department holds approximately 80Tb of seismic survey data, including field and processed seismic data, and work-station ready datasets.

The Geological Survey of South Australia has potential field data available for key geophysical datasets including magnetics, gravity and radiometrics. Alternatively these datasets can be downloaded through SARIG.

Reservoir Stimulation and Microseismicity Data

Well stimulation, well testing and microseismic monitoring data for Geodynamics Ltd's Habanero EGS project and Petratherm Ltd's Paralana project are available on request.

Thermal Conductivity and Heat Flow Data

Statewide datasets of thermal conductivity data and surface heat flow values are available on request.

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