As of December 2021, all meters within the RAES scheme have upgraded to smart meters. The existing meters were at the end of their useful life and no longer reliable.

Smart meters are advanced digital meters that can record your electricity use every 30 minutes, which means you can see both how much electricity you are using and when you are using it. A smart meter can send this information securely to your energy provider, so visiting your property to read your electricity meter is no longer required. Smart meters can also be used as an analysing tool by the retailer to measure the quality of the power at your property.

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Prepayment (Pay as You Go)

Some customers may be able to utilise the Prepayment option in their smart meter. The following guide has been provided to understand this function. For more information or to find out if you are able to access the Prepayment option, contact Cowell Electric.

All meters within the RAES scheme, including the communities in the APY Lands, Yalata, and Oak Valley, have been upgraded to smart meters. The old meters were not working well, so they needed to be replaced.

Smart meters give us a lot more information about how much electricity and also tell the Electricity mob when there is a problem with the power supply.

MoneyMob have been asked to teach all community members about how to use these new meters. They are visiting each household in every community, and information has been put together to help everyone understand.

You can visit the Pawa Atunmankunytjaku website to find out more about the education program.

Here is some information about how to use smart meters:

There is also information about how to pay for electricity and how to use your meter card: