The global demand for South Australian mineral resources remains high and major international companies, mid-caps and juniors continue to operate and invest in the South Australian resources industry.

Investors and other stakeholders are presented with significant opportunities and benefits across the industry value chain.

Mineral industry project pipeline

South Australia’s Minerals industry project pipeline shows the breadth of projects progressing through the Minerals Industry Value Chain with benefits for our State.

Further information and spatial location of these projects can be found on South Australia’s Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)

Mineral Industry Project Pipeline November 2021

Download South Australia Mineral Industry Project Pipeline (PDF 100 KB)

More about South Australia's minerals industry value chain

Mineral exploration in South Australia

Mineral Exploration in South Australia 2021: Commodity report (PDF 67.4 MB) includes:

  • results and discoveries for a diverse range of mineral commodities and company exploration summaries
  • how South Australia is growing successful exploration discoveries through government led initiatives
  • tracking mineral exploration growth through indicators including expenditure and drilling approvals
  • mineral resources and production statistics for major mines and developing projects
  • opportunities to invest in commodities across the value-chain.

Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2021

South Australia continues to hold Top 10 global positioning for the key indices of Investment Attractiveness and Best Practices Mineral Potential according to the Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2021 (Report released 12 April 2022, assessed 84 global jurisdictions).

Key indices (world rankings):

  • 10th Investment Attractiveness
  • 9th Best Practices Mineral Potential
  • 8th Geological Databases, up from 17 in 2020
  • 3rd Uncertainty concerning environmental regulation (uncertainty not a deterrent, encourages investment)
  • 4th Regulatory Duplication and Inconsistencies (not a deterrent to investment)
  • 3rd Taxation Regime (South Australia top Australian State)

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