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Industry Capability Network (ICN)

ICN aims to promote South Australian, Australian and New Zealand industry through import replacement and opportunities for participation in major projects. ICN performs a technical role providing purchasers with a free sourcing service to identify Australian and New Zealand suppliers capable of supplying those items that would otherwise be imported.

The ICN Gateway helps bring Australian suppliers and project owners together by giving exclusive access to their powerful online database and extensive network of Business Growth consultants. The result: more work for Australian businesses.

Global Maintenance Upper Spencer Gulf

Global Maintenance USG Inc. is an organisation that draws its membership from businesses across the Upper Spencer Gulf region involved in engineering and maintenance services to the resource processing sector.

Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence

The Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) offers specialist oil and gas training. Opened in February 2015 at the TAFE SA Tonsley campus, the OPCE was established through a partnership between TAFE SA and the state’s largest oil and gas producers.

Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources

The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources is a world-class institution for petroleum education, training and research. It is Australia’s only multidisciplinary school serving the petroleum sector.

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA)

NERA is Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for the energy resources sector, uniquely positioned to support sector-wide transformation and unlock +$10 billion of new value for the Australian economy.

ME-92 Standards Committee

The department actively participates in various industry bodies and technical committees, including ME-092 – Standards Australia’s Mirror Committee to the International Organisation for Standardisation Technical Committee 67 (ISO/TC67). Further information on ME-092 is available on NERA's website.

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