Leading the global transformation economy: supporting a successful energy and mining sector that enables South Australia to responsibly grow and thrive.

Our purpose

We are one of the very few government departments globally that recognises the link between mining and renewable energy. A link that is critical to the world’s net zero emissions future. Our position is built on natural assets, a culture of innovation, strong position in export income, global leadership in adopting renewable energy and creating a modern energy system.

We acknowledge the essential role that Aboriginal people play in energy and mining as land managers, heritage custodians, business owners and community leaders. We bring a culture of innovation, to lead industry decarbonisation and create new income opportunities from critical resources. We are the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM). We lead the way in the global transformation economy.

Our vision

DEM's vision is to become the most transformative energy and mining department in the world. South Australia is already leading the world in this– transformation.

We manage unique natural assets and transformation processing technologies.

We encourage a culture of transformation – where smart people bring future energy and technology together to lead the decarbonisation of industry and transform the community through:

  • Resources and renewables working together to meet 2050 carbon emission targets
  • Future metals contributing to future energy
  • Constant innovation – renewable energy solutions, robotics, advanced manufacturing
  • South Australia's mining and energy resources helping South Australia and the world

What we do

The Department for Energy and Mining is responsible for:

Mineral Resources

We responsibly unlock the state’s mineral resources by sharing geological data and insights, accelerating discoveries, attracting sustainable investment and overseeing a leading regulatory framework, that contributes to the transformation economy.

Energy and Technical Regulation

We ensure South Australia has access to secure, reliable, sustainable, competitive and cost-effective electricity and gas products and services, as well as stable and trusted regulation that drives the transformation of business and industry and supports community prosperity.

Growth and Low Carbon

We deliver South Australia’s commitment to the transformation economy by optimising the economic benefits from the state’s clean energy transition and enabling growth industries to lead the decarbonisation of the global economy.

Energy Resources

We manage South Australia’s petroleum, hydrogen transport, carbon capture storage and geothermal energy resources, facilitating sustainable exploration, development and production that is part of the transformation economy.

Organisational structure

Organisational structure (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Our brand

It’s more than a mark, it is our story. It’s reflective of why we do what we do, and the power we have to bring change.

This artwork was created by Lawson Dodd (Kaurna, Narungga and Ngarrindjeri) for the Department for Energy and Mining South Australia.


Lawson has used organic lines and circles for the symbol in the middle which demonstrates the synergy between energy and mining and its connection to the land.

The small arching shapes surrounding the main symbol represent the diverse group of people involved with the department.

The thin white lines and dots in the centre demonstrate the importance of communication as it is what guides the process of innovation.

The streams of colour radiating from the circular symbol are representative of the different energy sectors within the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM). Green represents energy, yellow ochre represents solar, grey represents wind, blue represents gas and the red ochre represents mining.

The large circular areas depict the wider communities.

Together with the streams of colour, this artwork symbolises the unique natural assets DEM manages for the community.